Move Your Money Forward

Reach financial goals by taking small (and occasionally fun) actions each week

move your money forward

The Balance / Julie Bang

It’s always a good time to recommit to stepping up your personal finance game, new year or otherwise. Much like tackling a new list of books or picking up a new exercise routine, we know finding a place to start—and staying focused—can be tough. To help you get started, The Balance created this series consisting of a month’s worth of money moves.

This series focuses on four personal finance goals: blowing up (and improving) your budget, refueling your saving strategy, investing in your future, and attacking debt. Each goal topic is broken down into four or five simple articles that you can read and act on in a couple of hours or less.

Money is personal, so feel free to pick and choose which actions to take from this series. Even the smallest tasks can have a positive effect on your money. Whether you are taking inventory of your debt or having a budgeting date night with your partner, there are many ways to get more comfortable with the subject of money, and ultimately gain control over your finances.

If you want more guidance, pick a section and read one article each week, completing the task as outlined. By the end of the month, you’ll have made concrete steps toward building a strong foundation of financial wellness. Rinse and repeat with other sections as desired. 


Where appropriate, we’ve provided Google Sheet spreadsheets to help you track the details and do the math for you. They’re free to use and share (although you’ll need a Google account to access them).

Regardless of how you follow this series, the important takeaway is that it’s always a good time to chip away at your goals and move your money forward. If you can harness that fresh, new year energy to get started, even better. 

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