Aaron Johnson

Education: The University of Texas at Dallas, The University of Edinburgh
Location: Dallas, Texas
Expertise: Research Methodology, Systematic Reviews, Framework Analysis , Science Communication, Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Fact checker for The Balance
  • Has spent over five years as a research consultant, fact checker, qualitative data analyst, and media analyst
  • Has an academic and professional passion for research literacy, combating misinformation, and the communication of group sentiment


Aaron Johnson works at the intersection of design, communication, and social research for the purpose of building better experiences. Since 2016, in collaboration with academic and private entities, he has worked on research projects that aimed to unearth insights from different groups, online communities, and the public. These insights have then been used to create evidence-backed interventions within local communities and on a national level. As part of his work with various public, private, and governmental agencies to research public sentiment, he studied greenspaces in Singapore and determined their influence on children's scholastic performance, providing policy suggestions, and researching and consulting with Intentional-Communities across various states to increase group cohesion and member retention. This work has strengthened his research acumen for the purpose of building actionable insight, as well as for the scrutinization of information and media. Additionally, it has made him an expert in reviewing publicly accessible data, media, research, and other web-based information sources to abstract, organize, and systematically analyze the available data. As a fact checker for The Balance, he ensures that all statements are backed by high-quality and up-to-date research or reputable data so that readers can make the most informed decisions in regard to their financial wellbeing. 


Aaron received a Master of Science in Social Anthropology from The University of Edinburgh, one of the top-20 universities in the world, where he focused on the study of emerging media. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies from The University of Texas at Dallas.

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