Amanda Morelli, Director of Brand and Market Insights at Dotdash

Amanda Morelli

Expertise: Data journalism
Title: Senior Director of Data Journalism
Education: Emory University
Location: New York, New York


  • Amanda Morelli is the senior director of data journalism at Dotdash, The Balance's parent company​
  • ​​Amanda's expertise is in primary research, data analysis, visualization, and storytelling
  • She has 10+ years of research experience


Amanda Morelli is the senior director of data journalism at Dotdash, the digital publisher that owns and operates The Balance. She oversees data journalism projects at The Balance and other Dotdash publications, designing and executing original research and analysis, and identifying opportunities and strategies for exploration.

Prior to joining Dotdash in 2018, Amanda was a senior consultant and researcher at a market research and consulting firm in New York City, specializing in media, entertainment and emerging platforms. Before relocating to New York, Amanda was a teacher and researcher, focused on narrative development at a high school in Atlanta, Georgia.


Amanda earned a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from Emory University, with a focus on Latin American Literature. 

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