Anna Baluch

Anna Baluch

Expertise: Financial products and services, personal and student loans, mortgages, budgeting, banking, auto financing, debt relief
Title: Freelance Writer
Education: Roosevelt University, Northwood University
Location: Cleveland, Ohio


  • Over seven years of experience researching and writing about financial products and services
  • Published on well-known personal finance websites including LendingTree, Experian, Credit Karma, and more
  • Has an MBA from Roosevelt University in Chicago


Anna Baluch has more than seven years of experience researching and writing about financial services and products. She also has over a decade of experience writing for online publications and digital companies. She has written hundreds of articles on personal and student loans, mortgages, debt relief, auto financing, budgeting, banking, and more. Anna was featured on the "Burn Your Mortgage" podcast in July 2019, where she discussed how she paid off her mortgage in just 16 months.

Anna's work has appeared on well-known personal finance websites like LendingTree, Business Insider, Credit Karma, Experian, Freedom Debt Relief, Nav, Rocket Mortgage, Policygenius, U.S. News & World Report, American Express, and more. She also has experience working in SEO, social media, and marketing.

Anna has been writing for The Balance since 2020.


Anna has a bachelor's degree in marketing from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. She also earned her Master's of Business Administration (MBA) from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

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