Barbara Friedberg

Barbara Friedberg

Expertise: Personal finance, Investing, Robo advising, Economics
Title: CEO of Wealth Media LLC, consultant, writer, and book author
Education: Pennsylvania State University, Miami University, University of Cincinnati
Location: San Francisco Bay area of California


  • Author of “Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management (editor)”, “Invest and Beat the Pros” and “How to Get Rich; Without Winning the Lottery" 
  • Owner of, a site that helps investors find the right robo-advisor for them and
  • Former portfolio manager and chief financial officer
  • Holds MBA in finance from Penn State University


Barbara Friedberg is a writer for The Balance who covers the stock market and investing topics. A freelance columnist since 2010, she has written for numerous other publications, including Investopedia and U.S. News & World Report.

Her published books include “Invest and Beat the Pros—Create and Manage a Successful Investment Portfolio,” “How to Get Rich; Without Winning the Lottery: A Guide to Money & Wealth Building,” and “Personal Finance: An Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management.” 

Friedberg is also chief executive officer of Wealth Media LLC, which owns two investment resource websites. covers robo and technology-enhanced investing platforms, and offers advice and strategy tips to investors at all stages. Wealth Media offers free and paid resources and consulting services to financial technology companies.

Friedberg previously worked at Cadco Inc. for 18 years, serving as chief financial officer and manager of investment portfolios. She has taught graduate and undergraduate students at Santa Clara University and Lebanon Valley College.


Friedberg received an MBA in finance from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science in personnel services and counseling from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She got her undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Cincinnati.

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