The 8 Best Coin Sorters of 2023

Counting money has never been easier

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Counting coins can take several hours, even days, if you have a large amount of change. And if you have a small business that handles lots of coins, you simply don’t have the time to manually count coins. The best coin sorters can quickly and efficiently count your coins according to the denomination of coins. Some coin sorters even place your coins into preformed wrappers, making it much easier to wrap and roll your coins.

Whether you need to sort a large number of coins or simply need to organize pocket change, see below for the best coin sorters for your needs.

Best Overall: Royal Sovereign 2-Row Electric Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign 2-Row Electric Coin Sorter


The Royal Sovereign 2-Row Electric Coin Sorter holds up to 400 coins and counts up to 312 coins per minute. The LED front panel display shows the total dollar amount counted and the total amount by denomination for all the denominations of coins counted. It handles pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

Drop your coins into the hopper, choose your function, then start. Coins are sorted straight into the correct coin wrapper. Just insert preformed coin wrappers into the coin tubes for easier wrapping and rolling. Since the coin sorter includes two rows of coin tubes for each denomination, you can process more coins at once. Once full, remove the tube and replace it with an empty one, so the machine continues counting and keeps track of your total.

Best Manual: Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter


If you’re looking for a quality, low-cost coin sorter, the Royal Sovereign Manual Coin Sorter is an excellent choice. The coin sorter includes a manual crank to sort the coins without using any electricity or batteries. As you turn the crank, the machine sorts your quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies directly into tubes. You can purchase preformed wrappers separately to place in the tube for easier rolling and wrapping your coins. The hopper can hold 200 coins. Once it’s empty, just reload more coins to keep sorting and wrapping. The machine is lightweight and compact, which is perfect if you need to transport it from one location to another.

Best High Volume: Royal Sovereign 4-Row Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign 4-Row Coin Sorter


The Royal Sovereign Electric 4-Row Coin Sorter automatically sorts coins at a speed up to 312 coins per minute. The large hopper can hold up to 800 coins at once. The machine includes four rows of coin tubes, which allows you to store more coins without having to change the wrappers. The automatic row advancement feature allows for hands-free operation. Once a tube is full, the tube automatically advances forward, and the sorter places coins in the next row. Since coins are placed into preformed coin wrappers, you’ll also save time on wrapping and rolling coins. The front panel displays the total number of coins that have been collected along with a total count by denomination—meaning you’ll know the exact amount of coins you have rolled.

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Best for All Coins: Cassida C200 Coin Sorter

Cassida C200 Coin Sorter, Counter, and Roller
 Courtesy of Amazon

The Cassida C200 Coin Sorter dispenses coins into coin bins or paper coin wrappers. The hopper can hold up to 2,000 coins, and the machine counts up to 300 coins per minute. It can also sort coins into separate bins—with each bin holding up to 900 coins. Or, you can load coin wrappers into the coin tubes to quickly and easily wrap and roll your coins.

This coin sorter can handle all U.S. coins—pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and a $1 coin. It automatically recognizes the denomination of each coin and separates it into the appropriate slot. Use the batch totals option, and the machine will calculate the monetary value of the coins that have been sorted.

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Best Value: Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter

Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter


The Royal Sovereign Electric Coin Sorter is a great value for the price. The counter can hold up to 200 coins and sorts up to 156 coins per minute. Just add more coins once the hopper has processed the coins you’ve already loaded. The machine includes one row of coin tubes for each coin denomination—penny, nickel, dime, and quarter. The coins easily sort and slide right into preformed coin wrappers, making it quick and easy to wrap and roll your coins. The machine includes an overflow tray that catches all the change that spills over—simply add the coins back into the hopper for sorting.

Manufactured with anti-jam technology, this coin sorter automatically detects and clears jammed coins for continuous counting. If any foreign items fall into the machine, you can easily remove the lid to retrieve the item.

Best for Pocket Change: DE Automatic Coin Sorter

DE Automatic Coin Sorter


The DE Automatic Coin Sorter is a simple electronic coin sorter that sorts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. It’s great for sorting, organizing, and saving up small amounts of pocket change. The sorter includes an LCD screen that automatically keeps track of your savings. It’s a lightweight, portable coin sorter that won’t take up much space on a table, desktop, or bookshelf. The sorter requires two AAA batteries and a set of coin wrappers to get you started.

Best Business Grade: Cassida C100 Electronic Coin Sorter

Cassida C100 Electronic Coin Sorter


With a multi-functional, seven-digit LED display and large buttons, this machine counts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters at a rate of 250 coins per minute. The Cassida C100 electronic coin sorter’s hopper can hold up to 1,600 coins. The display shows the total for all coins counted and the total dollar value for each denomination of the coins sorted through the machine. Choose from counting, adding, and batching modes depending on whether you want to count a certain number of coins or you want the total value of all the coins you’re holding. The Cassida C100 sorts coins into separate coin drawers, making it easy for you to transfer them into wrappers.

Best Splurge: Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter

Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter


If you're looking to splurge on a coin sorter, the Nadex S540 Pro is well worth the hefty price tag: it sorts $1 coins, quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies, sorts coins into trays, or in the included 48 preformed coin wrappers, comes with custom batch settings, an auto-stop setting to prevent overfilling, among other features. In addition to displaying coin count and the total value of counted coins, the business-grade coin sorter shows the quantity of each coin type on the screen. It has a hopper capacity of up to 2,000 coins (dimes), with a bin capacity of 900 dimes, 450 nickels, 350 quarters, 300 pennies, and 130 dollars. Even more, coin tube attachments are included to automatically fill the coin wrappers.

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Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Royal Sovereign 2-Row Electric Coin Sorter (view at Amazon). It handles pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, can hold up to 400 coins, count up to 312 coins, and has a large screen that shows your totals. For added convenience, it even sorts your coins into two preformed coin wrappers per denomination.

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