The 6 Best Office Printers of 2023

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Office printers are an essential piece of equipment for any professional or business. From all-in-one units to single-function, color and monochrome, there's a printer to suit just about any kind of job. Laser printers are great for mid to high volume offices since they have high-capacity input trays, long-lasting toner cartridges, and fast printing times. Inkjet models are more suited to low-volume or home offices since they are slower and have smaller capacities.

They're also much less expensive, making them attractive options to professionals on a budget. Many new printers work with smart networks, allowing for voice controls via Alexa or Google Assistant, wireless mobile printing, and scanning to cloud based storage services. They may also have integrated security features like password protection and employee ID verification to protect against misuse and unauthorized access to sensitive information.

There are even models available with on-board memory so you can queue several jobs at once or delay printing until a specific date. Creative professionals also have a slew of choices for creating excellent quality prints; ink tank models allow for bigger print jobs, and some can be set up with rolls of media for printing posters and other large format prints. We've rounded up our top picks from brands like HP and Epson to help you decide which is the best printer for your office.

Best Overall: Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5850

Courtesy of Amazon

The Epson EcoTank Pro is an all-in-one ink tank printer. This means it uses refillable compartments rather than cartridges to hold ink; these are designed to reduce waste and ink shortages in the middle of big print projects. The unit can print up to 25 pages per minute, and automatic duplex printing means you'll reduce paper waste as well.

The input tray holds up to 550 sheets of paper so you can spend more time working and less time refilling the printer. You can wirelessly print from your Android or iOS mobile device, laptop, or email, or you can connect to the printer via Ethernet or USB cable.

The touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate menus and set up document specifications for print or scanning jobs. And with a monthly duty cycle of 66,000 sheets, your office will be able to handle just about any project.

Best Budget: HP Envy Pro 6455

HP Envy Pro 6455


Whether you've just launched your small business or you're a home-based professional on a tight budget, you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great office printer.

The HP Envy Pro 6455 is an excellent entry-level all-in-one inkjet printer for budget-savvy professionals. It includes both a flatbed scanner and 35 page capacity auto document feeder, and with the HP Smart App, you can fax documents via your mobile devices.

The input tray holds up to 100 sheets of paper, which is perfect for low-volume offices. You can connect mobile devices and computers via dual band Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for wireless printing with or without an internet connection. The on-board control panel features smart, contextual buttons that only light up when you need them, eliminating distracting LED lights and saving energy.

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Best Laser: Xerox VersaLink C400 Color Laser Printer

Xerox VersaLink C400 Color Laser Printer

Courtesy of Amazon

The Xerox VersaLink C400 color laser printer is one of the best available for home and traditional offices. You can print up to 36 pages per minute with the first page out in as little as 7.4 seconds. The input tray has a 550-sheet capacity that can be expanded to a maximum of 1250 sheets with additional trays; a 150-sheet bypass tray is also included for specialized print jobs like envelopes, labels, or legal-size documents. You can connect to the printer via a USB cable or Bluetooth and dual band Wi-Fi for mobile printing.

It's also compatible with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print so you can print directly from your smartphone or cloud storage services. For offices that are trying to be more eco-friendly, the Xerox VersaLink C400 is Energy Star certified for efficient power usage.

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Best Smart Printer: HP Tango X

HP Tango X Printer

Courtesy of Apple

The HP Tango X is the perfect printer for small businesses and home offices that have set up a smart device network. This printer works with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free controls; this is great for setting up print jobs while you're in a virtual meeting or while you're working on other projects.

It uses dual band Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to all of your wireless devices. You can use the HP Smart App to print from your mobile devices, order ink and paper, and even monitor ink levels and paper capacity so you're never caught by surprise with empty cartridges or input trays. The compact design is perfect for smaller spaces, and the output tray doubles as a stylish cover to make your printer blend into the decor when not in use.

Best for Home Offices: HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-In-One

HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e All-In-One


If your business or job is home-based, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e is the perfect printer for you. This all-in-one model can print and scan up to 22 pages per minute. Automatic duplex printing and scanning saves time, paper, and frustration. The 35 page capacity auto document feed tray helps quickly scan large documents, and the 250-sheet capacity input tray means you'll spend less time refilling your printer paper. This printer features a host of smart features including compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free voice control, self-healing Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to sync your printer to your favorite cloud storage services with the touch of a button. It also has built-in security features to protect against unauthorized access and keep your work and personal information safe.

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Best for Photo Printing: Epson SureColor P900

Epson SureColor P900

Courtesy of Epson

If you're a creative professional or run a business that handles photos and art prints, the Epson SureColor P900 is an excellent printer option. This model is designed for creative professionals with a 10-channel print head for cleaner details and incredible color accuracy.

There are also dedicated nozzles for both photo and matte black inks to preserve quality and streamline the printing process. Along with traditional and glossy paper, this printer can be equipped with rolls of media up to 1.5mm thick to create banners, posters, and other large prints. The color touchscreen can be customized with shortcuts and pre-set configurations for faster, easier operation and mass-printing media.

You can connect to the printer via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or USB 3.0 wired connection for printing from your computer, camera, or mobile devices. You can also print directly from your iOS mobile devices when you need to quickly edit and produce images for clients.

Final Verdict

The Epson EcoTank Pro (view at Office Depot) is one of the best printers available for home and traditional offices. It can print up to 25 pages per minute, and auto duplex printing saves time and paper. You can print from mobile devices, and the touchscreen interface makes it easy to navigate menus and settings. If you're looking for a reliable, entry-level printer, the HP Envy Pro is a good option (view at Amazon). This budget-friendly printer is great for low-volume offices, and Bluetooth compatibility lets you print from mobile devices with or without an internet connection.

What to Look for When Buying an Office Printer

Input and Output Capacity

If your home or traditional office handles large documents or has many people who need to print a lot of things each day, you'll want to look for a printer that has multiple input trays with higher capacities so it doesn't run out of paper in the middle of a job. You'll also want to make sure the output tray can hold a lot of paper to prevent things from falling on the floor and getting damaged or becoming disorganized.

Color vs B&W

Both forms of printing have their advantages and disadvantages. Color printing is best suited for businesses that handle digital art and photos as well as documents, while black-and-white is better for handling strictly text. The downside to color printing is that ink and paper are much more expensive than B&W. And the downside to B&W printing is that it usually has a much lower resolution, resulting in blurry images or text.

All-in-One vs Single Function

While shopping online or in-store, you may have noticed how popular all-in-one printers are. These are models that not only handle printing, but copying, scanning, and even faxing as well. These are best suited to small businesses and home offices that may not have enough space for dedicated equipment, or just want to streamline their workflow. The drawback is that these tend to be much more expensive than their single-function counterparts. 


Which is better: inkjet or laser printing?

Both have their pros and cons. Inkjet printing is better suited for photo and art prints because of the better color saturation and resolution. Inkjet printers are also very affordable, with affordable supplies like ink and paper. Laser printing is most associated with traditional offices and strictly text documents. You can get some really crisp-looking documents in almost no time at all, though the printers themselves are often very expensive and bulky. Laser toner is also very expensive.

Are all-in-one printers worth the money?

That depends on what kind of volume your business does. If you regularly need to fax, scan, copy, and print documents and images, all-in-one models are most certainly a worthy investment. However, if you only occasionally need these services (like only a few times a year), it may be better to just get a single-function printer and use a business like FedEx or Staples for copies and scanning. 

How can I prevent unauthorized printing?

With more and more office devices becoming "smart" and internet-enabled, security is more important than ever. Thankfully, many new printers come with a suite of security software that allows for employee ID or email authentication, setting up firewalls, password protection, and even encryption for your documents. You'll still have to protect your company's internet connections, but with these extra layers of security, you'll be able to prevent anyone from stealing company info, the personal data of employees, or sending malicious documents to be printed from your office.

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