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Best Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

Study up to get your real estate license

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You must take a test to become a licensed real estate agent, and it isn't easy. The average Florida real estate exam pass rate is less than 50% for first-time test takers. Typically, you have two years from the time you finish your pre-licensure classes to take the real estate exam.

Exam prep courses are designed to help people prepare for their tests, and claim to boost pass rates compared to those who do it on their own. The best courses help students pass their tests, use materials students can reference, have great reviews, and are affordable. We evaluated more than a dozen real estate exam prep courses and chose the best based on their materials, cost, reviews, accessibility, and more.

The 7 Best Real Estate Exam Prep Courses of 2023

Best Overall : Kaplan



Pros & Cons
  • Instructors are practicing real estate agents

  • Access and interact with instructors

  • Continuing education classes are competitively priced

  • Pricing is relatively high

  • Interface is slightly dated and not as user-friendly

  • Shipping of learning materials not included in course prices

Why We Chose It

Kaplan offers both exam prep and pre-licensure courses for real estate agents and brokers. The company has been offering test prep in some form since 1945 and is considered the industry leader. The multitude of states it covers, its high ratings, and in-depth course material make it our top pick for real estate exam prep courses. 

Kaplan offers different course prices for different states. All salesperson exam prep packages—on-demand, live online, and self-paced online—average $99, with some states offering online courses for as low as $49, and on-demand courses for as much as $199. Kaplan offers a la carte pricing in some states, while others have only one or two options. The Career Launcher Package—an online course designed to help one launch a real estate business that includes both licensing and exam prep content—is about $400 to around $1,000, with 75 to 180 hours of learning, depending on your state.

All of Kaplan’s offerings vary by state; some states offer on-demand courses where you go at your own pace and can rewind and fast forward, and other states offer live classroom courses online. Courses typically are completed in about a weekend to a week, depending on your schedule and pace.

Runner-Up, Best Overall : The CE Shop

The CE Shop

The CE Shop

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Pros & Cons
  • Offers a free trial for pre-licensing courses

  • Huge number of continuing education courses

  • Individual CE courses as low as $9

  • Website not as user-friendly as others

Why We Chose It

The CE Shop offers a product called Exam Prep Edge, which allows you to take an initial assessment and receive feedback on what you’ve mastered and what you need more practice on. It also offers unlimited practice exams. Although some students know The CE Shop for its continuing education classes, it also offers helpful study tools and in-depth exam prep materials. That and its positive reviews are why we named the company our runner-up.

The CE Shop is ideal for students who like to have a detailed study plan because it offers lessons by topic and has an interactive dashboard that lets you track your progress. It’s a self-paced course and typically can be completed in a few days. Like other real estate exam prep courses, prices vary by state. However, CE Shop's rates are more uniform across the country than Kaplan's. Typically, prices start around $75 for exam prep for the national portion of the salesperson exam, and they offer package deals of $125 for both parts of the exam: state and national. 

Best for Accessibility : Colibri Real Estate

Pros & Cons
  • Offers a wide range of real estate courses

  • Certified by ARELLO and IDECC

  • Offers live Q&A via chat for some courses

  • No hard copies of study materials for most tiers

  • License upgrade courses not available in all states

Why We Chose It

Colibri Real Estate is an online-only school offering exam prep courses, post-licensing classes, and continuing education classes. All classes are completed at your own pace with instructor support available for questions. Their online platform can be accessed 24/7, is easy to use, and has FAQ videos, all of which contribute to making Colibri Real Estate our choice for the most accessible exam prep course.

"Exam Prep Master" is the Colibri Real Estate exam prep course, and it has a pass-or-don’t-pay guarantee. The course can be purchased by itself or as a package with a pre-licensure state course. Prices vary by state, but exam prep typically is $99, and exam prep packages with pre-licensing courses are around $437. The Ultimate Learning package is $400 to $800 depending on where you live and includes practice exams to check your progress, national and state final exams, and exams you can customize based on topics you need more help with. There also are digital flashcards, and everything is done at your own pace so you can cram it into one weekend or spread it out for a week or two.

Best Value : Real Estate Exam Scholar

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Real Estate Exam Scholar

Pros & Cons
  • Only $39

  • Over 95% exam pass rate

  • Pass guarantee

  • Doesn't offer pre-licensure courses or continuing education

Why We Chose It

Exam Scholar focuses solely on exam prep courses and doesn’t offer continuing education or pre-licensure courses. Its exam prep courses are good for six months but can be completed over a weekend or spread out over the course of weeks or months, depending upon what your schedule allows. The courses are self-paced, online-only, and include more than 25 practice exams, flashcards, exam hints and secrets, state-specific questions, and easily downloadable content. They use what they call "immersion technology" to simulate a real exam environment to prepare you for the big day.

Exam Scholar claims its students have better than a 95% exam pass rate. We chose the company as the best value because its class is only $39 and comes with a pass guarantee. If you don’t pass your salesperson or broker exam the first time you will get a full refund. They’re ideal for the student on a budget who already has taken the pre-licensure courses and just needs to take the exam prep course before the real estate exam.

Best Bundle for Pre-Licensure and Exam Prep Courses : AceableAgent

Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent

Pros & Cons
  • Has some of the most affordable courses

  • Variety of classes for different stages of your career

  • Mobile app available

  • Limited state availability

Why We Chose It

AceableAgent is the opposite of Exam Scholar in that it offers only bundles of pre-licensure classes and exam prep courses. The exam prep courses can’t be purchased separately, so if you’re just starting your real estate journey and need to take all of your classes together, it may be right for you. We chose the company as the best for bundling because it has reasonable bundle prices, classes produced by top-producing real estate agents, and the Ace the Test Guarantee. AceableAgent is online only and offers self-paced courses as well as an app.

AceableAgent real estate courses are available in only 14 states, but you can take the courses on any device at any time. The prices range from $117 in Florida to nearly $700 in South Carolina. Keep in mind that these prices are higher than other exam prep courses, but they also include your pre-licensure courses. The company’s Ace the Test Guarantee is offered for some states, so if you don’t pass the exam you may be able to get your money back. Their pass rate is 94%.

Courses from AceableAgent typically take at least a few months to complete, depending on how much time you can devote to studying. Classes include the pre-licensure classes, which typically consist of 60 to 180 hours of coursework and final exams, as well as the exam prep courses when the prerequisite classes are completed.

Best for Brokers : CompuCram



Pros & Cons
  • Readiness Indicator tracks your progress

  • Pass guarantee

  • Not available in all states

Why We Chose It

Like real estate salespeople, brokers also need to pass a state and national exam and often benefit from exam prep classes. CompuCram offers an entire section devoted to the broker’s exam prep, and they boast that more than 500,000 students have passed exams the first time.

Courses include lots of training materials, practice tests, tips and tricks, and practice exams specifically for brokers. CompuCram also has a unique feature called a Readiness Indicator, which tracks your study progress and gives you a readiness score indicating whether you’re ready to take the exam or not.

CompuCram’s tools—built specifically for helping brokers pass their tests—are why we named them our best exam prep course for brokers. However, the company also offers exam prep for the real estate salesperson exam, as well as appraisal, lending, insurance, and home inspection classes. Classes are ideal for students who want to learn at their own pace and want the confidence of knowing they’re ready to take the exam. 

CompuCram’s prices range from $59 to $129, depending on your state. Some of the state exam prep courses include the national portion. All of the classes are online and self-paced, and some include PDFs for future reference. They can take anywhere from a weekend to a week to complete, depending on your pace. 

Like some of the other exam prep course providers, CompuCram offers a pass guarantee or your money back, but there are contingencies.

Best for Additional Courses : 360 Training

360 Training

360 Training

Pros & Cons
  • Low, transparent pricing

  • Affordable exam prep

  • Most courses give you one-year access to the material

  • Most courses are offered as PDFs with quizzes

  • Pre-licensing courses are only available in 14 states

  • Strict 72-hour refund policy

Why We Chose It

360 Training offers real estate exam prep courses as well as a variety of other courses for real estate professionals in different fields, along with workforce training, environmental safety, and food and beverage industry classes. Their real estate course offerings include salesperson and broker exam prep courses, pre-licensure and post-licensure classes, and continuing education classes.

With this wide array of training on real estate-related topics, we chose 360 Training as the best exam prep course for additional courses. It’s great for someone who may want to take multiple real estate-related classes on the same platform or who has an interest in one of the other industry education choices the company offers. 

The exam prep courses are interactive, self-paced online classes with simulation quizzes and activities that make learning more engaging than just reading a textbook. Classes can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection and include practice tests, problem-solving, and analysis skill-building. Since the classes are self-paced, they can be completed in as quickly as a weekend or longer, depending on the time devoted to them.

Although 360 Training offers real estate exam prep in only 14 states, the majority of its classes are state-specific courses for $79 with packages around $399, which include all of the exam prep materials.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of real estate courses to choose from, with variations in cost and service depending on where you live and exactly what you want to learn. We chose Kaplan as the best overall for its comprehensive classes, which are taught by professionals and come with support resources. Check out the other companies on our list if you don't live in one of the states Kaplan services; if you're looking for a great value take a look at Real Estate Exam Scholar, for example, or CompuCram if you're looking for broker courses.

Compare Courses

Course Price
Kaplan Best Overall $49–$1,000
The CE Shop Runner-Up, Best Overall $75–$125
Colibri Real Estate Best for Accessibility $99–$800 
Real Estate Exam Scholar Best Value $39
AceableAgent Best Bundle for Pre-Licensure and Exam Prep Courses $117–$700
CompuCram Best for Brokers $59–$129
360 Training Best for Additional Courses $79–$399

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Real Estate Exam Prep Course?

A real estate exam prep course is optional training for state licensing exams that some professionals take after they pass the state-required pre-licensure courses. These prep courses are offered online, with some presented in a live classroom setting and others offered as self-study programs. Their focus is solely on the exam, not what you need to know in your career as a real estate agent. Instead, they explain concepts that will be on the exam and give you sample exam questions to study. They’re meant to be quick crash courses taken immediately before your real estate exam. 

What Do Real Estate Exam Prep Courses Include?

Before taking a real estate exam prep course, you must finish your state-mandated pre-licensure classes. Some schools offer package discounts to purchase pre-licensure classes and an exam prep course. 

Real estate exam prep courses typically include:

  • Practice exam questions and answers
  • Study guides with real estate exam subjects
  • Practice math questions and explanations
  • Real estate definitions that you will need to know for the exam
  • Tricks to memorize concepts
  • Exam-taking tips 
  • Materials with up to six months of access 

Exam prep courses are usually taken in one weekend from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. However, some schools also offer evening classes spread out over a month, which allows some flexibility to fit your schedule. If you’re taking the course online, you can self-pace and get through the material a bit more quickly.

What Is the Cost of a Real Estate Exam Prep Course?

Real estate exam prep courses vary in price from $39 all the way up to $800 if combined with pre-licensure classes. Some courses are offered online and in classrooms and others are strictly online. Most online classes have the option of completing at your own pace. Some of the exam prep courses include all the material you need in a package, while others price items like flashcards and the problems in an a la carte fashion. 

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Earn?

There are different professions in the real estate field with varying average salaries:

  • Real estate assistant: $19.80 per hour
  • Administrative assistant: $38,375 to $48,467 per year
  • Real estate office manager: $40,000 to $60,000 per year
  • Leasing agent: $34,570 per year
  • Real estate agent: $43,907 to $57,169 per year
  • Real estate sales manager: $57,957 to $75,746 per year
  • Real estate broker: $68,256 per year

Is Taking a Real Estate Exam Prep Course Worth It?

Not everyone needs to take a class to pass their real estate exam. If you already work in the real estate industry and are familiar with the terminology, you may not need to take the prep course. Similarly, if you recently took the pre-licensure classes and are adept at taking exams or have an exceptional memory, the exam prep course might not be for you, either. 

However, for most students, a real estate exam prep course is worth the investment. In comparison to pre-licensure classes, application, and exam costs, it’s fairly inexpensive and worth taking to give yourself a better chance of passing the real estate exam the first time.

How We Chose the Best Real Estate Exam Prep Courses

We reviewed over a dozen real estate exam prep courses and chose the best, based on cost, courses offered, materials and subjects included, student reviews, and accessibility. The best real estate exam prep courses led the pack with a variety of course offerings, positive reviews, and high passage rates.

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