5 Things Your Budget Might Say About You

The way you handle your budget can tell others a lot about your personality. It is also a great predictor of how easily you are going to meet your financial goals throughout your life. Your attitude towards budgeting is a reflection of your attitude towards all of your finances. You may recognize your budgeting type right away or you may fall in between a few different types. Then, you can make a few adjustments so that you are able to stick to your budget without causing too much stress in your life.

Organized Down to the Penny and Meticulously Tracked

Learn what your budgeting style says about you.
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If you are this budgeting type, your budget is one of the things you worry about every day. You are great at setting limits on your budget, and tracking how much you have in each category. When unexpected expenses pop up, you can easily make adjustments and limit your overall spending for the month. You are a budgeting superstar, and you are poised to meet your financial goals each year. You do need to be careful because you can burn out if you are too focused on your budget. Another thing you may need to watch is that you do not become too stressed out about money. This is a great place to be budget wise. This budgeting style means that you are likely organized and efficient in other areas of your life. Be sure that you enjoy yourself as you reach towards your goals.

What's a Budget?

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If you are this budgeting type, it means that you do not even consider writing down a budget. You have not thought that far ahead. You are just glad that you can pay most of your bills on time. You may always be looking forward to your next payday so that you can buy groceries with cash instead of on a credit card. Your lack of organization can stop you from ever reaching your financial goals. Setting up and following a budget can help to alleviate a lot of financial stress. It can also help you to stop relying on credit cards or from struggling between paychecks. This budget style means that you take life as it comes. You may not have a career plan in place or a real direction. You may also be able to focus intensely on just one thing at a time, which can be both a good and a bad thing. You may want to consider some reasons to start budgeting.

It'll All Work Out

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While you do not have a budget per se, you do try to limit your spending. Sometimes you worry that if you watch too closely, then things will not work out, and you will run short. As long as you are careful, you know everything will somehow be covered. With this budgeting style, you may not be making any real progress on your goals. You are leaving too much up to chance, and you will likely benefit from setting limits. You may be able to discover additional areas you can reduce spending and begin working towards your financial goals more quickly. If you have this budgeting style, then you likely do not have a clear plan. You set goals, but you do not break down the steps you need in order to reach them. You do have a laid-back, easy-going attitude, which can be a good thing.

Hey, I Write My Budget Down

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If you have this budgeting style, you start out with good intentions. You write down your budget each month, and you make a spending plan, but you are not great on the follow through. You have a hard time sticking to your limits, or keeping track of what you have spent. You may end up blowing your budget on a regular basis. You may need help finding a budgeting system that works for you. You may also have a hard time saying no to impulse purchases. If you are married and budgeting as a couple, it may be a result of lack of communication between you and your spouse. To solve this issue, you need to find a better way to follow through on your plan. You’ve started the process, which is great, but you need to see it through to the end. If you have this budgeting style, you like to set goals and make plans, but your enthusiasm for a project may wane quickly.

I Know I Should Be Budgeting, But...

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With this budgeting style, you know you should be budgeting. You realize that it will help you, but somehow you never quite find the motivation to do it. You get lost along the way. You may feel like you are too poor to budget or that you don't have the time to budget. You may be looking at budgeting as too scary, too much work, or that it is just too confusing to try. If you feel like you need help with your first budget, consider signing up for a class or asking a friend for help. It’s time to overcome your fears and to take control of your future. If you are this budgeting style, you may be looking for excuses to explain away the reasons that you do not reach your goals. Take the steps now to make the things you want to happen in your life, actually happen.