Chris B Murphy

Chris Murphy

Expertise: Financial Education, Personal Finance, Retirement, Economics, Mortgages, Credit Cards
Title: Financial Writer and Editor
Education: University of Rhode Island
Location: Boston, MA


  • Chris is a financial editor and fact checker for The Balance
  • A financial writer with hundreds of articles published for Investopedia and Seeking Alpha
  • A financial editor for Investopedia and The Balance since 2018. Topics include personal finance, investing, economics, financial education, and retirement planning
  • Expertise includes 15+ years in banking, with 10+ years as a Vice President of Global Markets, serving as a global risk advisor to corporations and small businesses


For the past seven years, Chris B. Murphy has been a financial writer and editor with published work on Investopedia and SeekingAlpha. Chris also writes about financial topics for private wealth management firms.

For The Balance, Chris draws on his extensive experience in financial services to serve as a financial editor and fact checker for articles on personal finance, economics, mortgages, retirement, Social Security, and IRAs.

Chris has more than 15 years of experience in banking, including 10 years on global markets trading desks of two major banks. As a vice president, Chris advised companies on risk management strategies, providing hedging advice as well as market and economic analysis.

As a personal banker, Chris has helped many small businesses and individuals with personal finance, loans, budgeting, and retirement planning.


Chris holds a bachelor's degree in economics with a concentration in finance from the University of Rhode Island.

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