Companies That Offer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

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College and University Tuition Cost and Student Debt
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When you're looking for a new job, the most important factor to consider is your hourly wage or annual salary. But the benefits that a company offers, from health insurance to retirement matches, can also make a big difference to your monthly bills and future career prospects. They are worth factoring into your decision-making when you apply for jobs and evaluate job offers. 

That's why many companies offer tuition reimbursement programs, in addition to other employee benefits. Companies and human resources departments are well aware that benefits can impact whether candidates apply for a role, as well as whether they opt to accept or reject a job offer.

Here are some of the top employers that provide tuition benefits, as well as tips for how to find jobs with tuition assistance programs.

Key Takeaways

  • When reviewing job offers, keep the entire package in mind. That means considering the available benefits, as well as take-home pay.
  • Many companies offer tuition reimbursement. If you're employed by a small or newly launched company, check with your HR department to see if they'll consider adding this perk.
  • Not all tuition assistance plans are the same—check the details to see how much is covered, eligibility requirements, and reimbursement limits. 

What Are Company Tuition Assistance Programs?

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package. Here's how it typically works: an employee pays upfront for college, graduate, or continuing education classes. Then, once the class or semester is complete, the employer will refund a portion of the money spent—or the full amount.


Some employers pay the full cost of tuition, so employees have no out-of-pocket expenses. For example, Amazon pre-pays 100% of tuition and fees (up to a yearly maximum) for eligible employees participating in covered educational programs.

Why Employers Offer Tuition Benefits

There are several incentives for companies to offer this perk:

  • Like any benefit, it helps attract and retain the best employees.
  • Relevant coursework can sharpen workers' skills and knowledge, strengthening the company.
  • Tuition reimbursement is tax deductible up to $5,250 per employee per year, making this program cost-effective for companies.

How Tuition Reimbursement Programs Work

Implementation of this program varies significantly from company to company. Some reimburse any educational classes. Others require that coursework is done through specific schools to be eligible for reimbursement. Some companies may only cover tuition costs for approved classes.

Companies may require a certain job grade to qualify for reimbursement, or that employees remain with the company for a set period of time following the completion of the class to qualify for reimbursement.

Some companies may cover the costs associated with classes, such as textbooks or fees.


There's a tax advantage to employers that offer tuition benefits. There's also an advantage to you. You can exclude up to $5,250 of tuition benefits from your employer each year from your taxable income.

Companies Offering Tuition Benefits

From fast food chains to telecommunications companies to banks, here are some of the top companies that pay workers' education costs.


Amazon offers fully-funded tuition assistance from a wide variety of educational offerings, including high school completion/GED, English as a Second Language (ESL), and bachelor’s degrees. The company pays 100% up to an annual maximum benefit—there is no lifetime limit on this benefit, per the company.


As part of its benefits package, AT&T offers tuition assistance—it's available only for approved education costs, and the company does not offer details on how much assistance is available or other details on the program. The company spends millions each year on the program. In 2021, AT&T spent $13 million on tuition reimbursement.


Chipotle has a partnership with Guild Education, which offers classes, programs, and degrees from a variety of universities. Through this partnership, Chipotle employees can receive tuition reimbursement for career certificates, as well as college and master's degrees. Coverage may be up to $5,250 or may cover costs completely, depending on the program.

Elevance Health

Employees at this health benefits company are eligible for up to $5,000 a year in reimbursement for tuition, textbooks, and other education-related fees. Part-time workers can receive $2,500 each year.

Home Depot

Tuition reimbursement rates for Home Depot employees vary by role—salaried employees can get up to $5,000 annually, while full-time hourly employees are reimbursed up to $3,000, and part-time hourly employees can get up to $1,500 back.


The airline runs a program known as JetBlue Scholars—employees can apply to enroll and, when accepted, take approved online courses. To be eligible, employees must have worked at JetBlue for two years.


P&G—makers of a vast range of consumer and household goods—offers what it describes as a "generous" tuition reimbursement program.

The J.M. Smucker Company

The J.M. Smucker Company makes more than jam—its brands include big names like Folgers, Pillsbury, and Meow Mix. The company offers reimbursement for some tuition costs for company-approved college courses.


All benefits-eligible United States employees of this coffee purveyor can have their full-time college tuition covered—essentially a free bachelor's degree. One important note on this program: Employees can only study at Arizona State University's online program.


Part-time UPS employees who work in package handling can participate in the company's Earn and Learn Program, covering up to $25,000 in college expenses (each year, the program reimburses a maximum of $5,250 per employee). According to the company website, employees are eligible for this perk from their start date. Other education assistance programs are available for employees in different roles.

Wells Fargo

The banking giant offers up to $5,000 in annual (and eligible) tuition expenses, as well as scholarships for children of employees.

How To Find Companies That Offer Tuition Assistance

What’s the best way to find employers with paid tuition programs? You’ll be able to learn about companies offering tuition benefits as you search for a job.

Use advanced search options. When you’re searching for jobs, use the advanced search options to find positions that are a match. Use terms such as “tuition,” “tuition assistance,” and “tuition reimbursement” to generate a list of open jobs that provide tuition as a company benefit.

Check the job description. When you’re reviewing job postings, check the details. Many employees list benefits in the position description. 

Review the company website. Check the careers section of the company website. You should be able to find details of the employer’s benefit offerings, including tuition reimbursement if it’s offered.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there eligibility requirements to participate in tuition reimbursement programs?

When a company sets up a tuition assistance program, it will determine which employees are eligible to participate and what the guidelines are for qualifying for the program. Some employers may require employees to be with the company for a set period of time before they can participate. Others may offer tuition benefits to some, but not all, categories of employees. Reimbursement may be contingent on the course grade.  

Do companies with tuition assistance programs pay for tuition in advance or are employees reimbursed?

How tuition programs are managed depends on the employer. Some companies pre-pay tuition and related expenses, such as fees and books. Other employers reimburse employees for some or all of their expenses. There may be limits on what is covered and a cap on the maximum amount that’s reimbursed.

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