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When writing a cover letter (as you should do each time you submit a resume as part of a job application), the layout of your letter is very important. Layout refers to the way the words are set up on the page, including headings, spacing, and font. You want to use a layout that makes your letter both easy to read and professional.

Read below for advice about how to lay out your letter, as well as a template for a cover letter.

Cover Letter Layout Tips

When laying out a cover letter, you want to follow the layout of a typical business letter.

Heading. A business letter begins with your contact information, and then the employer’s contact information, if it's available.

Letter spacing. It's important to properly space the layout of the cover letters you send, with space between the heading, the greeting, each paragraph, the closing, and your signature. Single space your letter and leave a space between each paragraph. Also, remember to left-justify your entire letter.

Font and font size. When selecting a font, use a simple font like Arial, Verdana, Courier New, or Times New Roman. Your font size should be no smaller than 10-pt. but no larger than 12-pt. In choosing your font size, 12 pt. is probably the best—you don’t want to irritate a hiring manager by making him or her have to squint to read your font.

How to Use a Cover Letter Template

The cover letter template below shows the layout for a typical cover letter. Use the template to structure your own cover letter. It will give you advice on how to space your letter, what font to use, and how to justify your page.

What's Included in the Letter

The template also briefly describes what kind of content should go in each paragraph. Use this information to help you begin writing your own letter, tailored to reflect your own career history, professional qualifications, hard and soft skills, and your knowledge about the job and employer to which you are applying.


You can also review examples of cover letters for advice on how to word your cover letter.

Be Flexible

When using a format or a sample letter, remember to be flexible. You can add or remove paragraphs to fit the needs of the particular job description. Your letter doesn't have to exactly match the template.

Write Customized Cover Letters

Also, keep in mind that your best strategy is to write a customized cover letter for each job to which you are applying. Hiring managers can tell when they’ve been sent a generic cover letter; they are more likely to be interested in candidates who have taken the time to write unique letters that specifically address the job opening they are offering.

Cover Letter Template with Layout

The first section of your cover letter should include information on how the employer can contact you. If you have contact information for the employer, include that. Otherwise, just list your information. This section should be single-spaced and left-justified, with a space between your contact information and your employer’s contact information.

Your Contact Information

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address




Employer Contact Information

City, State Zip Code




Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:


First Paragraph:

Each of your body paragraphs should be single-spaced, with a space between each paragraph. The first paragraph of your cover letter should include information on the position you are applying for, including the job title. You should state how you heard about the job, and (briefly) explain why you think you are an ideal candidate for the position.

(space between paragraphs)

Middle Paragraph(s): 

The next section of your cover letter should describe what you have to offer the employer. Mention why you are qualified for the job and how your skills and experience are a match for the position for which you are applying. Provide specific examples to prove your skills and experience; these examples will “pop” on the page if you provide them in a bulleted format.

(space between paragraphs)

Final Paragraph: 
Conclude your cover letter by thanking the employer for considering you for the position. Include information on how you will follow up with them regarding the status of your application.




Sincerely yours,

(double space)


Handwritten Signature (for a hard copy letter)

(double space)

Typed Signature

Example of a Cover Letter

This is a cover letter sample. Download the letter template (compatible with Google Docs or Word Online) or read the example below.

Sample cover letter
 @ The Balance 2020

Sample Cover Letter

Kelly Timmons
62 Beacon Street
Huntington Station, NY 11746

August 17, 2020

Ms. Maribel Jones
Human Resources Manager
Belview Electronics
123 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Dear Ms. Jones:

I was excited to find the Customer Service Representative position on the Careers page of the Belview Electronics website. I believe I would be a good fit for your company because I have all of your required qualifications, as well as extensive experience in customer service and the electronics industry.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and I am fluent in both English and Spanish. In addition, I worked as a customer representative for a local plumbing company while I was in college. I have excellent phone skills and the ability to multitask. In addition, I am well organized, and proficient in most word processing and spreadsheet programs. My schedule is very flexible, and I would be happy to work evenings or weekends as necessary.

Thank you so much for your consideration. I’ve included my resume so you may further review my qualifications for the position. My cell phone is 555-123-4568, and my email is I look forward to hearing from you so we can arrange an interview.


Kelly Timmons (signature for a hard copy letter)

Kelly Timmons

Tips for Sending an Email Cover Letter

When you are sending your letter via email include your name and the job title in the subject line of your message:

Subject: FirstName LastName – Manager Position

List your contact information in your signature, rather than in the body of the letter:


FirstName LastName
Your Email
Your Phone Number
Your LinkedIn Profile URL (optional)

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