Cover Letter Examples Listed by Type of Job

This illustration includes cover letter tips for different positions including "Information Technology: Mention software and hardware expertise," "Creative Arts: Include a link to online portfolios," "Building Trades: Mention key construction projects," and "Financial Services: List quantifiable examples of past achievements."

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When you are writing cover letters to apply for jobs, it’s essential to know the expectations and standards for a cover letter in your industry. For example, cover letters in academia and education tend to be more conservative than those in the creative arts. Cover letter examples can help you get a sense of what information is most important to include. 

Whatever you do, don’t rush writing your cover letters. In one survey, 87% of hiring managers said that they read cover letters and 65% said that cover letters influenced their hiring decision.


4 out of 5 hiring managers prefer letters that were tailored to the specific company and position, rather than a generic version. So, it pays to customize your letter to the industry, company, and job.

Key Takeaways

  • Tailor your cover letter to the expectations and standards of your industry.
  • Use cover letter examples as a guide for your own letter—but be sure to customize your document for each job opportunity.
  • Proofread and edit your letter to ensure that it’s free from typos and grammatical errors.

How To Use Cover Letter Examples

Cover letter examples like the ones below can be a helpful tool—if you use them the right way. Keep the following in mind:

Don't just copy the sample cover letters. Rather, use examples for inspiration. Scroll through the sections that follow and find the type of cover letter that matches the type of job you're applying for (the different jobs are categorized by industry).

Pay attention to the letter's structure. How is information presented in the sample letter? Regardless of your industry, you will likely use the same basic cover letter format. The body of a cover letter is divided into three sections: 

  • The opening paragraph: Start the letter by saying why you're writing. You'll want to mention both the company name and the specific job title for which you are applying. You can also note where you saw the job listing. If you have a connection at the company or were referred to the position, mention that as well. (Just make sure to ask your connection if it's OK to name-drop.) 
  • The middle paragraphs: Use this space to provide details on why you're a good fit for the position but avoid recreating your resume. 
  • The final paragraph: Wrap up your cover letter with a “thank you” and follow-up information. 

As you read the sample letters below, pay attention to how they follow this structure, using their format, specific details, and quantifiable examples to provide evidence for the letter writer's candidacy.

Emphasize important skills and qualifications. Think about how you will highlight your skills and use the limited space available within your cover letter to share the most important information about your work history and accomplishments.


Your cover letter should highlight the qualifications listed in the job description. This helps demonstrate that you're a good fit for the position.

Note common phrases. Although you should always personalize your letter, it’s OK to use common expressions to help make your case. For example, when you’re reading samples, you might notice cover letter phrases such as "Thank you for your consideration," "I look forward to hearing from you," and "Because of XYZ, I'm a strong candidate for the position." Use these phrases yourself, as necessary, but always aim to keep your letter genuine.

Cover Letter Examples Listed by Job

Review this list of cover letters for a variety of different professions and types of jobs to use as a starting point for writing your personalized cover letters.

Building Trades

Hiring managers in the building trades seek candidates with experience, credentials, and appropriate certifications. Pay close attention to the qualifications mentioned in the job listing when composing your cover letter. It’s also a good idea to mention a few key construction projects that you’ve contributed to. 

  • Construction Management

Business Administration

Your cover letter will be key to landing any administrative, business, or legal position. These jobs demand writing skills and organizational talents, so a well-written, professionally formatted cover letter is essential to demonstrating your value. You may also want to highlight people skills like teamwork, the ability to multitask, and listening skills. 

Communications / Marketing

Review this list of cover letters for a variety of different professions and types of jobs to use as a starting point for writing your own personalized cover letters.

Building Trades: When writing a cover letter for a building trade, it can be quite effective to mention a few key construction projects that you’ve contributed to.

  • Construction Management

Business Administration: For any administrative, business or legal position, your cover letter will be your strongest demonstration that you possess the writing and organizational talents employers are looking for.

Communications / Marketing: Showcasing your own personal “tone” or “voice” is particularly vital for job candidates in this sector, since most employers will be interested in how you can use language to present a “brand.”

Creative Arts: If you are an artist or photographer, remember to include a link in your cover letter to an online portfolio of your creative work.

  • Arts
  • Photographer

Customer / Personal Services: Here is how to write a dynamic cover letter that will catch the interest of employers seeking engaging customer service or personal service providers.

  • Customer Service
  • Flight Attendant
  • Nanny
  • Organizer
  • Hair Stylist

Education: Both cover letters and resumes for people in education and academia tend to be more conservative than those for other industry sectors. In addition to detailing your education and credentials, take the time in your cover letter to comment upon your passion for teaching and learning.

  • Academic Advisor
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Athletic Director
  • Development / Museum Position
  • Education
  • Education / Alternative Education
  • Faculty Position
  • Higher Education Communications
  • Librarian
  • Professor
  • Research Technician
  • Special Education
  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant / Tutor
  • Tutor

Financial Services: If you are seeking a job in financial services, show off your math and analytical skills by providing a few quantifiable examples (using numbers, percentages, or dollar figures) demonstrating how you’ve structured successful financial portfolios or increased productivity.

  • Entry Level Analyst
  • Entry Level Finance
  • Finance Internship

Food Services: Here are a few creative examples of cover letters written for both front- and back-of-house roles.

  • Cook
  • Waiter

Healthcare / Medical Research: Items to include on healthcare cover letters include training and certifications, technical and procedural competencies, and knowledge of governing regulations.

  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist

Information Technology: If you are an IT professional, make sure that your cover letter mentions any and all software and hardware listed as a “qualification” in the job announcement you’re applying for.

  • Database Administrator
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Front End Web Developer
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Support / Help Desk
  • Web Content Manager
  • Web Content Specialist
  • Web Design Specialist

Legal / Government / Social Services: Like cover letters in the education sector, those written for jobs in the legal, government, and social service sectors tend to be quite conservative. If you are an attorney or paralegal, stick to a “narrative only” cover letter instead of including bulleted achievements (which works well for other professions but is frowned upon by many legal professionals).

  • Legal
  • Social Worker
  • Transportation Planning

Management / HR: Cover letters for those in management and human resources need to focus upon one’s leadership and organizational talents. Include details about the number of employees you’ve managed, process improvements you’ve implemented, and any specialized Kaizen or other training you’ve completed.

  • Director of Operations
  • Recruiting Manager

Retail / Sales: As a sales representative, your cover letter is your primary (and best) sales pitch to a potential employer. Use it to demonstrate your enthusiasm, charisma, persuasiveness, and consultative selling skills.

Seasonal / Temp Jobs: Even people seeking summer or temporary work need a well-crafted resume in order to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few examples of how it’s done.

Generic Cover Letter Template

You can use this template as a model to write a cover letter. Download the template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online), or read the text version below.

Example of a cover letter

The Balance

Generic Cover Letter Sample

Cover Letter Sample (Text Version)

Maria Chu
344 Chestnut St.
Oceanview, DE 19971
(302) 555-0258

September 1, 2022

Carrie Hernandez
Human Resources Manager
200 Allen St., Ste. 303
Baltimore, MD 21210

Dear Ms. Hernandez,

I’m writing to you because I’m interested in applying for your open Software Developer position as posted on the careers page of your website, I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and I have worked with OOP programming languages and PHP/MySQL for the past three years.

I believe I will be an asset to your software development team. I enjoy a challenge and although I can work alone, I prefer to work in a team, which is one reason I want to apply to your company. In addition, while I was in college, I worked for a travel agency, so I have a good understanding of what a travel industry website site needs. Your requirements match my skills. For example:

  • Experience in Laravel framework
  • Experienced with XML, JS, JQUERY, HTML, CSS, Linux Command Line, Apache/Nginx
  • Experience developing REST APIs
  • Problem-solver with excellent troubleshooting skills   

I’ve attached my resume, so you can see the projects I worked on as well as more details on my experience in software development and a list of my certifications. Feel free to call me at (302)555-0258 or email me at Thank you for your time and consideration. 

I would be thrilled to be a part of your team, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Maria Chu (signature for hard copy letter)

Typed Name

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