DeShena Woodard

DeShena Woodard

Expertise: Debt elimination, budgeting, saving money
Title: Personal Finance Writer
Education: University of Houston
Location: Missouri City, Texas


  • Over three years of experience writing and coaching on paying down debt, budgeting, saving money, and more
  • Her story of becoming 100% debt-free has been featured on Nerdwallet and numerous podcasts
  • Founder of Extravagantly Broke, a blog that shares personal money experiences to help others make smart financial decisions


DeShena Woodard has over three years of experience writing and speaking about paying down debt, saving money, budgeting, and more. She is a Certified Life Coach, as well as a bonafide Financial Freedom Coach.

DeShena found her passion for personal finance when she finally became debt-free, eliminated financial stress from her life, and started her own business. Her story has been featured on numerous websites including Nerdwallet, as well as podcasts like The Money Mindset, Nurses on FIRE, Everday Style School, and The His and Her Money Show. DeShena has also written for and

In 2018, DeShena started a blog called Extravagantly Broke, where she shares her personal money experiences and tailors her content toward coaching and educating professionals on making smart money decisions.


DeShena got her bachelor's from the University of Houston-Victoria. She also holds a certification as a Life Coach.

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