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How To Give Gifts That Can Build Wealth

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When the holiday season is upon us, millions of Americans start buying gifts for their loved ones (if they haven’t started already). And even if you don't celebrate, you may still want to buy a gift for someone (or yourself). But inflation, recession fears, lingering supply chain issues, and labor shortages could put a damper on gift-giving and make purchasing gifts harder—and more expensive—than before.

With inflation hitting a 40-year high in 2022, American shoppers are being forced to shell out more money for necessities like groceries or clothing. What’s more, recession worries are forcing consumers to reconsider their spending habits. 

Holiday shopping might be particularly painful for those with already strained budgets. Although retailers are hoping to boost sales by offering record discounts, some items still cost more now than they have in the past. You’ll also likely pay more for gas to get to the store, and some items you want to buy may be limited in supply.

But it doesn’t have to be this way! The Balance can help you purchase digital gifts that have seen price decreases despite the high level of inflation. Not only that, you’ll be able to buy them from the comfort of your home without filling up the tank to go to crowded stores.

Best of all, long after you’ve gifted them, these presents have the potential to keep on giving and help grow the recipient's wealth. The most difficult part will be giving these gifts away.

Here’s this year’s list of top presents for your family and friends that will fill them with cheer, without giving you any blues.


A more common financial gift, stocks are a great choice if you want to help a friend or family member get started on investing while the markets have been in a downward spiral. While it might seem counterintuitive to purchase stocks, a bear market is the best time to snag assets at a discount—and take advantage of the gains when the markets reverse course.

I Bonds

Give your loved ones the gift of making money in a high-inflation environment with Series I Savings Bonds. As inflation rises, the return on an I bond does too, so your gift has a built-in inflation-fighting perk. (Note that you cannot give the somewhat similar treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS) as a gift.)


While bitcoin values might have fallen from their record highs, if your loved one wants to add cryptocurrency to their portfolio, this is a good opportunity to snag some at a much cheaper price. Plus, there are plenty of digital currencies for you to choose from that are sure to make anyone on your list happy.

Credit Card Points

Don’t know what to give? Let your loved ones choose their own adventure by giving them some unused credit card points that they can use to pay for things like airplane tickets, hotel rooms, gift cards, or food delivery.


If you have a less risky appetite, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of market gains. Bonds are a great choice if you want to help others get involved in the market, but don’t want investments that are as risky as stocks or cryptocurrency.

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