The Top Crowdfunding Sites for Funding Films

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With crowdfunding's popularity growing, we're seeing a lot of niche crowdfunding sites that are very good at targeting specific industries. Athletes turn to crowdfunding to raise money to train and compete. Musicians raise money to produce new songs or go on tour. For certain industries, crowdfunding is transforming the way participants raise money for—and invest in—projects. 

With this trend in mind, it's no surprise that the film industry is finding crowdfunding to be another channel to raise money. Film financing is not unlike raising money for startups: Few make money, but the ones that do succeed in making a blockbuster make their financiers and producers a lot of money.

Whether you're an aspiring producer of a new film who needs a way to bankroll your dreams or a (first-time) backer of such films, here's a list and description of the top crowdfunding sites for film finance.

Key Takeaways

  • Indiegogo, Seed&Spark, and Slated are some off the three most popular film crowdfunding sites.
  • Each site has a different fee structure and features. Which platform is best for you may depend on those fees and features.
  • While Indiegogo and Seed&Spark help you raise money from individuals, Slated is designed to help you raise money from accredited investors.


Though the large crowdfunding site lists projects of all sorts, its roots are definitely in film. Indiegogo was an early entrant to film crowdfunding, and numerous artists use it daily to raise money for their next big idea. The site's film category lists the top crowdfunded films to date along with a number of films raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. Indiegogo charges a 5% fee on top of a transaction fee that varies based on location and currency.


This crowdfunding site for the independent film is a different animal from some of the others on this list. It not only provides a place for aspiring filmmakers to raise money for their projects, but it's also a place for lovers of independent films, web series, and film festivals to discover new films (and filmmakers) to watch and enjoy. Seed&Spark supports many types of films:

  • Shorts
  • Features
  • Documentaries
  • Experimental
  • Web series
  • Film festivals
  • Independent cinemas

The only fee that Seed&Spark charges creators a payment processing fee that the company sends directly to its payment processor. There are no other fees for creators.


Slated is an online marketplace for film financing and dealmaking—connecting a global network of investors, filmmakers, and industry professionals. 


Other platforms like Indiegogo help connect filmmakers with individuals who want to pitch in money to help launch the film. Slated, on the other hand, focuses on accredited investors.

For filmmakers, Slated is a platform to promote viable films to an engaged audience. For investors and the industry, Slated provides access to qualified filmmakers and leading organizations to facilitate targeted introductions and help discover a viable project. Slated's fees range from 1%-5% of your production budget plus 1%-5% of your film's net profits. The company requires you to include a "In Association With Slated" company and logo credit.

The Bottom Line

Like many other industries, filmmaking suffers from an inefficient allocation of capital. Filmmakers are always hustling, trying to bring in enough money to adequately produce their artwork. Many people would be interested in investing in films but lack the flow of good opportunities to invest in. Investing in films is very risky, but there are many other reasons to support artistic endeavors. There are numerous crowdfunding platforms popping up to help finance the production of films around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you crowdfund a movie?

Yes. There are plenty of sites that allow you to crowdfund for a film. Sites like Indiegogo and Seed&Spark focus on connecting you with whoever wants to invest in your movie, while Slated, for example, focuses on connecting you with institutional investors.

How can I raise funding for a film?

Like starting a business, some of the ways that you can raise funds for a film include using your own money, asking for money from friends and family, crowdfunding through a site like Seed&Spark, and getting capital from investors.

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