Gas Tops $4 a Gallon in Every State of the Union

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That’s how many states are now averaging at least $4 a gallon at the gas pump, a milestone that shows just how much U.S. drivers are shelling out, regardless of where they live.

While the price of gas is as much as $2 different depending on what state you live in, the latest spike in prices means even the most affordable states have now crossed into $4 territory. Georgia ($4.06), Kansas ($4.01), and Oklahoma ($4.01) were the last to join the club on Tuesday, according to data from AAA. (Tax rates, proximity to pipelines, and state regulations all impact price, and in some places gas is over $5, or in California, over $6.)

Nationally, the average price for regular unleaded reached $4.52 on Tuesday, the eighth straight day it set a new high, according to AAA. Prices have surged since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year prompted numerous countries to ban imports of Russian oil as a punishment.

The price of crude oil, which accounts for more than half of gasoline’s cost, has moderated since rising as much as 35% at the start of the war, but it has barely helped gas prices. Not only is there a lag between oil and gas price drops, but a decline in refinery capacity has made it more difficult to meet the demand.

And even the typical dip in demand between spring break and Memorial Day isn’t helping to lower prices like it usually would, according to Andrew Gross, a AAA spokesperson. 

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