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Hannah Hottenstein

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Budgeting, Digital Marketing, Business Finance
Title: Freelance Writer and Small Business Expert
Education: Capella University
Location: New Oxford, Pennsylvania


  • Covers entrepreneurship and small business finance topics and terms for The Balance
  • Entrepreneur and owner of HänaSun, a fine art and antiques business
  • Writer for ILLUMINATION, Better Humans, P.S. I Love You, Invisible Illness, and more top Medium publications
  • Editor of The NeuroDiverse Universe 
  • Member of and advocate for Spectroomz, which provides mentorship resources hub for autistic adults


Hannah Hottenstein has written about small business finance and entrepreneurship topics for The Balance since 2020. She has over a decade's experience helping dozens of small businesses in various markets improve their customer service, brand presence, business flow, employee support, social media marketing, and office management.

Trained as a floral designer, massage therapist, wedding planner, horticulturalist, herbalist, antiquarian, illustrator, and historian, Hannah is the founder and proprietor of HänaSun, a fine art and antiques business.

She is also experienced in digital marketing, blogging, small business taxes, project management, and graphic design.

In addition to The Balance, Hannah has written for Lean Labs, NewsBreak, and several Medium publications while also serving as an editor of The NeuroDiverse Universe.


Hannah is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in applied psychology at Capella University with plans to study clinical psychology at the doctoral level.

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