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Are you interested in learning more about a specific company? Do you want to view the latest job openings or find out whom you know at the organization? Or, do you have an interview scheduled, and want to learn more about the employer before the conversation?

LinkedIn Page Follow, also sometimes called LinkedIn Company Follow, is a tool job seekers can use for researching employers and discovering contacts at organizations where they might like to work. It is also a way to receive updates about a company. Explore more of the benefits of using this tool, and get detailed instructions on how to follow a company on LinkedIn.

The Benefits of Following a Company

A company’s page has information about the organization. This often includes a summary describing what the company does, contact information (including company location and website), and company updates. You can also see any of your connections who are employed at the company or connected to the company.

The company page often has a “Jobs” tab, which allows you to see a list of current job openings. Below are some ways that you can benefit from following a company:

Find the right company for you. When you follow a company, you’ll receive regular updates about the company on your feed. For example, you will see news articles about the company, information on new job openings, and other updates. Job seekers can use this information (as well as the information on the company page) to learn about the company’s culture. This can be a useful way to decide if you want to apply for a job at that company.

Learn about the company for an interview. If you are interviewing with a company, checking out its LinkedIn page can give you information on the history of the company, the number of employees who work there, and more. When you follow the company’s page, you will receive updates about the latest trends at the organization. Mentioning the most recent company information in your interview will show that you are up-to-date on the company and its place in the industry.

Click on the About, Life, and People tabs on the left side of the page to learn more about the organization and the people who work for it.

Review connections at the company. A list of your first-degree connections at the organization will be visible on the right side of the company profile page. Consider reaching out to one of your connections to gain an insider's perspective on working at the firm. Company insiders may provide introductions to other staff in target departments or referrals to job openings. If you have an interview lined up, they might be able to give you advice.

Get more connections. If you do not yet have any contacts at the company, you can still find connections who can help you with your job search. Click on the button in the right-hand corner of the company page that says, “See all employees on LinkedIn.” This will show you everyone on LinkedIn that works for the organization. You can then filter the list to only show you second-degree contacts.

Underneath the second-degree connection, you can click on the "shared connections" to determine which of your first-degree contacts is directly connected to each second-degree contact. You can then reach out to your first-degree connections and request an introduction to the second-degree person at their target organization.

Find jobs. If you read about the company and are interested in a job there, click the “Jobs” tab on the left side of the page. This will show you all recently posted jobs, as well as jobs that match your skills. Click on a job to get more information, and to learn how to apply.

Get more company information. For premium subscribers, the bottom of the page will have an Insights section that includes information on the types of jobs that are typically available, employee distribution and headcount growth, and notable alumni. This will give you information about the current employees at the company. Use this information to understand the makeup of the company, and the kinds of skills they are looking for in employees. If you follow the company, you will get updates on new jobs at the organization in your feed.

How to Follow a Company on LinkedIn

  •  Sign in to LinkedIn (you'll need to register first if you’re not a member)
  • Click on the search icon at the top of any LinkedIn page.
  • Type a company name in the search field.
  • Click the Follow button near the company name in the search results list.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the company before following, click the company name to see more details.

·      You can then click the Follow button under the employer name or click "..." then the checkmark to follow in the upper right corner of that page to begin following the organization if you decide to do so.

How to Unfollow a Company

To update or change the list of companies you’re following, go to the company page, and then click ‘Unfollow” at the top of the page.

Also keep in mind that companies can see who is following them through their reporting features.

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