Inflation Boosts Some Halloween Costs by 15% This Year

Cookies, Candy the Most Inflation-Hit items on Your Halloween Shopping List

Halloween 2022 inflation prices

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Inflation may be your biggest scare during Halloween this year, as prices for popular holiday items are soaring by as much as 15%, a new analysis from The Balance found. Cookies were the hardest hit by inflation in 2022, jumping 15.7% since last year. Candy wasn’t too far behind, at 13% more, so filling up trick-or-treat baskets may be pricier than ever this year. 

Key Takeaways

  • Cookies and candy saw the biggest price jumps since last year
  • Costume prices rose by 6% in 2022
  • Make your own costumes and shop in bulk to save money

The Balance analyzed inflation data from the Labor Department and pricing details from several sources for popular items people buy to celebrate Halloween, including candy, costumes, movies, and alcohol.

Carving pumpkins and making jack-o’-lanterns will be a more expensive activity as the price of pumpkins has risen nearly 5% since Halloween of last year, the next biggest increase on the list. 

Prices throughout the economy have risen 8.2% since last year due to inflation, forcing consumers to shell out more money on not just necessities, but also on holiday celebrations.

Dressing up in a costume will also be pricier, costing 6% more than it did last year as supply chain snarls have been partly to blame for higher prices throughout the economy.

But making cocktails and enjoying other alcoholic beverages should run you the closest to what you paid last year, with liquor increasing just 0.3%, while beer prices rose 4.5%.

For Americans looking to save money this Halloween, buying candy in bulk, and baking your own Halloween cookies will help keep some money in your pocket. If you want to use pumpkins as part of your home decor, don’t waste the inside of the pumpkin. Instead, use it to make pies or cookies. 

And when it comes to finding a spooky costume, avoid pre-packaged costumes and save cash by making your own costume. Shop online for items to complete your outfit or use your own clothes to save big on your trick-or-treating outfit.


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Costs for liquor (Vodka, all types, any origin) and beer (Malt beverages, all types, any origin) from the September 2022 BLS CPI Average Price data. Costs for pumpkins from USDA Market News data for inflation-adjusted marked large pumpkins from September through the third week of October '21 and '22. Costs for candy per unit (inflation-adjusted) from the National Confectioners Association's 2022 State of Treating.

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Adrian Nesta
Adrian Nesta, Research Analyst on the Data Journalism team at Dotdash
Adrian Nesta is a research analyst on the Data Journalism team at Dotdash, the digital publisher that owns and operates The Balance. His work includes data collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization for stories in the data journalism portfolio across every vertical at Dotdash.
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