IRS Crosses ‘Distribute Stimulus’ Off To-Do List

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The IRS declared its mission accomplished this week, announcing the agency had finished sending out the nation’s latest round of stimulus checks and will now focus on processing 2020 tax returns.

The agency’s online Get My Payment tool, which has been used to track the status of both rounds of pandemic-era stimulus payments, was last updated on Jan. 29 and won’t be revised again unless there’s a new round of stimulus payments, the IRS said Tuesday. Eligible individuals who didn’t get paid, or didn’t get the full amount, may be able to claim the money through their 2020 tax return. 

The latest round of checks, authorized in late December, paid up to $600 per taxpayer and $600 per qualifying child. All told, the IRS said it delivered more than 147 million payments totaling $142 billion.

The IRS had a few glitches with the latest rollout, inadvertently sending some direct deposits to closed bank accounts and delaying the start of tax season a couple of weeks to Feb. 12 in order to finish the distribution.

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