Julianne Slovak

Julianne Slovak

Personal Finance, Investing, Management, Mutual funds, Stock market
News Editor
Princeton University, Stanford University, Harvard University


  • News editor at The Balance who also occasionally puts on her reporter hat
  • Experienced journalist with a deep background in financial markets and business reporting
  • Former chief of reporters for Fortune magazine and editor at Capital Group and Citibank
  • Freelance writer and editor for publications including Forbes, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Institutional Investor


Julianne Slovak has been immersed in mutual funds and financial services for decades, working as chief of reporters for Fortune magazine and at Capital Group and Citibank before joining The Balance. She has earned degrees from Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard, studying topics like financial accounting and the history of financial crises.

Julianne has devoted her career to understanding personal finance, investing, business management, and other topics. As a news editor at The Balance since March 2021, she's a gatekeeper for accuracy and quality.

Julianne has spent most of her life in the New York City area, but her travels have taken her from Australia to Africa and from Porto to Prague. She lived in Eastern Europe for several years, where she was a reporter for The Prague Post in the Czech Republic and covered the political, social, and economic turmoil in the former Yugoslavia. When she was freelancing, she contributed to Forbes, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle, CNN, Institutional Investor, and other news operations.


Julianne Slovak holds a B.A. in English from Princeton University, an M.A. in English from Stanford University, and an M.L.A. in management from Harvard University.