Kate Hornsby

Kate Hornsby

Expertise: Personal Finance, Real Estate, Small Business
Title: Freelance writer
Education: Academy of Art, Aviation Atlanta
Location: Atlanta, Georgia


  • Freelance writer with over a decade of experience covering real estate, small business, and finance
  • Started an ecommerce business before going on to own a professional pet sitting business as well as a real estate investment company.
  • Has been published in The Balance, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta Magazine, Credit Sesame, SF Gate, and Chron


Kate Hornsby has worked as a full-time writer since 2009 covering finance, real estate, and small business. Along with The Balance, she has contributed to publications such as Atlanta Magazine, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Credit Sesame, and a variety of private clients. After selling a chain of convenience stores, Kate started an ecommerce business before going on to own a professional pet sitting business as well as a real estate investment company.

With a degree in architecture and design, Kate has developed a keen eye for what details turn a property into profit. She has had up to six rental properties and flipped more than 20 properties. While running her real estate investment company, she worked with consumers as well as realtors extensively, learning both sides of the transaction including necessary insurance, warranties, and financing options.

As a small business owner with extensive experience in running startups, Kate understands the complexities of finance and business in today’s global economy. Her entrepreneurial endeavors help Kate bring a unique perspective to her content, helping others with small business and personal finance decisions.


Kate studied interior architecture and design online at the Academy of Art while pursuing her commercial flight certificate at Aviation Atlanta.

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