Kristen Rogers

Expertise: Small Business Finance and Operations, SEO, Marketing
Title: Small Business Contributing Writer
Education: University of Texas-San Antonio


  • Freelance writer for The Balance covering small business topics including business finance and entrepreneurship
  • Management experience with a Fortune 100 company, where she handled business-to-business sales with clients ranging from contractors to small business owners
  • Certified in SEO with a Bachelor's degree in communication and other certificates in economics, digital marketing, and HTML
  • Works for an education company as a lesson writer/instructor for online courses, including college-level coursework, and an SEO outline writer to optimize content for freelance writers
  • Prior experience as a web producer with an ABC-affiliate news station


Kristen works as a freelance writer for The Balance covering small business topics such as operations, financing, and entrepreneurship. She also works as a lesson writer/instructor for courses at various levels, including college-level coursework. These lessons cover a variety of topics, including business and finance, as well as art, design, and music. Here, she also creates SEO-based content outlines for freelance writers. She has a background in news media, communication, and business management, with experience editing articles and certification in SEO.

Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as a web producer at a news station writing news articles, editing reporter packages, and growing social media channels. Working as a manager for a Fortune 100 company, she conducted business-to-business sales with clients ranging from contractors to small business owners. She supervised employees and managed inventory, as well as merchandising and promotional projects. 

During her career, Kristen has written and edited articles covering various topics, created promotional content, and helped to increase engagement for social media channels. She has gained strong knowledge of branding, digital marketing, and website development along the way.


Kristen graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in communication from the University of Texas-San Antonio. She's also earned an associate's degree in liberal arts, SEO certification, and several certificates in economics, digital marketing, graphic design, and HTML.

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