Leaving a Job

Leaving a job, whether by choice, via retirement, or due to some unforeseen circumstance, can be tough. Learn the best practices for leaving a job on the right foot.

Woman at desk with bag and table
How to Handle Taking a Career Break
Career change concept
The Best Ways to Change Careers Without Going Back to School
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How to Gracefully Leave a Job You Hate
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Should You Make a Career Change at 50?
An unhappy worker who may hate her job talking on the office phone
Top 10 Signs You Hate Your Job
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What To Know About Making a Career Change at 40
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What To Know About Making a Career Change at 30
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Taking a Year Off Work: How To Take a Gap Year
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When to—and When Not to—Quit Your Job
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What to Do When You Quit and Your Boss Wants You to Stay
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These Reasons Will Make Your Rethink Leaving Your Job
Tips for a Successful Mid-Career Change
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When Can an Employer Fire You By Phone, Email, or Text?
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How Often Do People Change Careers?
A woman leaves her office job a box of her belongings to become a stay at home mom.
Should You Quit Your Job to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom?
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Here Are Tips on How to Tell If It Is Time to Move on to a New Job
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How To Change Job Fields
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What to Avoid in Your Resignation Letter
Man with box of desk items resigning from a job due to the working conditions.
How to Write a Resignation Letter for Unsatisfactory Working Condition
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Here's What to Know About Pay When You Give 2 Weeks Notice
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What You Should Ask an Employer When You're Fired
Woman who has just been fired sitting with her head in her hands.
Top 10 Things Not to Say or Do If You're Fired
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Resignation Letter for Travel Abroad
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How to Write a Resignation Letter Expressing Gratitude
Man Giving Resignation Letter To Businesswoman At Office
How Do You Write a Resignation Letter Because of a Scheduling Conflict?
This illustration lists tips for writing a resignation letter for a new job including "Speak to your boss first," "Then write a resignation letter," "State when you will leave," "Keep your reasons brief," "Stay positive and offer your help," and "Provide contact information."
Resignation Letter for When You Are Accepting a New Job
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Resignation Letter for a Job That's Not a Good Fit
Employee Giving Resignation To Employer In Office
What You Need to Include in a New Job Resignation Letter
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Here's How to Write an Internship Resignation Letter
This illustration offers tips for resigning due to health reasons including "See if you are eligible for leave benefits and/or workers' compensation, rather than resigning," "Always speak with your manager first, in person, when possible," "Provide two weeks' notice, if able," and "In a resignation letter, provide as much or as little information about reasons for quitting as you're comfortable with."
Resignation Letter Examples Due to Health Issues
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How to Write a Resignation Letter for Career Growth
Person carrying a box of belongings with a letter of resignation on the top.
Sample Resignation Letters for Contracts and Clients
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Accepting a Better Job? Use This Resignation Letter Sample
Woman writing her pregnancy resignation letter at home
How to Write A Resignation Letter Due to Pregnancy
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Resignation Letter Samples for Personal Reasons
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Resignation Letter to Use When You Need to Quit Immediately
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How to Write a Resignation Letter for Family Reasons
Overhead View Of Man Giving Resignation Letter To Boss At Office
How to Resign From a Temporary Job
Woman carrying a box of her things out of the office after resigning to go back to school.
Here Is an Example Resignation Letter for Going Back to School
Tips for writing a short-notice resignation letter
How to Resign When You Can't Give Two Weeks Notice
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Best Resignation Letter Examples to Quit Your Job
This illustration offers tips for writing a resignation letter without notice including "Speak to your employer first," "Clearly state your last day," "Keep your letter brief," "Express gratitude," "Ask any questions about your final paycheck, company equipment, benefits, and other details," and "Provide contact information."
No Notice Resignation Letter Examples and Writing Tips
How to submit your resignation
Tips for Formatting a Resignation Letter
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Use This Letter If You Need to Resign During or After Maternity Leave
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Letter of Resignation Example With 24 Hours Notice
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Say Goodbye With This Professional Resignation Letter Sample
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What You Should Write in a Part-Time Job Resignation Letter
Businessman leaving office with box of personal items
Sample Letter of Intent for Resigning
Woman packing her things and saying goodbye to co-workers
Tips on How to Write a Heartfelt Resignation Letter
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Resignation Letter With Advance Notice Example
A young man working at a desk
How to Quit a Bad Job and Stay on Good Terms With Your Boss
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What Are Some Common Questions Asked in an Exit Interview?
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What to Expect in a Severance Package
How to Handle Getting Fired
What to Do After You've Been Fired
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Sample Resignation Letters to Use if You're Retiring
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What To Include in a Resignation Letter
Text reads: "Tips for writing a resignation email: give 2 weeks' notice; state the date you plan on leaving; use a clear subject line; don't go into details; express gratitude; offer to assist with the transition"
How to Write a Resignation Email
Hands Typing on Laptop
Things to Not Include in a Resignation Letter
Tips for writing a resignation letter
Give Two Weeks Notice With These Resignation Examples
Image shows two women shaking hands in a library. Text reads: "Tips for giving notice of retirement: familiarize yourself with company's retirement policies and package; make sure to provide enough notice of departure; offer to help during transition; discuss options for part-time or consulting work; be gracious; stay positive; plan for a face-to-face conversation and official letter"
Announce Your Retirement With This Sample Letter