Lisa Jo Rudy

Lisa Jo Rudy

Expertise: Entrepreneurship, small business development, marketing
Title: Contributing Writer
Education: Wesleyan University, Harvard University
Location: Cape Cod, Massachussetts


  • Covers entrepreneurship, small business finance, and terms for The Balance
  • Has nearly three decades of business experience, including launching her own small business in 1992 in Philadelphia
  • Develops online business courses for Drexel's Goodwin School of Business and Mediabistro
  • Worked with major print and online publishers including Harvard Business Publishing to develop an array of business training and education materials.


Lisa Jo Rudy write about entrepreneurship, small business finance, and important business terms for The Balance.

After launching her own business in Philadelphia in 1992, Lisa began teaching and writing on business topics in the late 1990s when she became an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania's College of General Studies. It was there that she developed and taught courses on topics in marketing, non-profit fundraising, and building a writing business. By the early 2000s, she was developing online business courses for Drexel's Goodwin School of Business and the website MediaBistro.

Over the past two decades, Lisa has worked with major print and online publishers to develop an array of business training and education materials. A few of her projects include a series of business tutorials for Envato/Tuts+, dozens of business training videos for the website Soundview, and a series of business training scripts for Harvard Business Publishing.

In the last decade, Lisa has become increasingly involved with online business education. She has developed modules on various careers for Apex, an educational publisher, created interactive college-level materials on marketing, entrepreneurship, and management, and corporate training materials in areas such as cybersecurity and "soft skills."

Most recently, Lisa worked with the world-renowned non-profit Junior Achievement to develop a wide range of interactive learning tools. Her products include modules on entrepreneurship, career exploration, job readiness, personal finance, business finance, and related topics.


Lisa Jo Rudy holds a bachelor's with Honors from Wesleyan University and a master's from Harvard University.

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