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Lorraine Roberte

Insurance, Personal finance
Personal Finance Freelance Writer
Queens College, CUNY


  • Personal finance writer focused on insurance topics for The Balance
  • Started writing about personal finance in 2018
  • Articles and reviews have been published on The Simple Dollar, ConsumerAffairs, Reviews.com, and other online publications


Lorraine has been crafting insurance and personal finance content for over two years, most recently adding The Balance to her portfolio of clients. Her work at The Balance includes reviews of car insurance and homeowners insurance products, as well as roundups that give objective assessments of the best insurance products. She has also written articles that help educate readers about other aspects of insurance. 

Beyond her work for The Balance, Lorraine has written hundreds of insurance reviews appearing in ConsumerAffairs, Reviews.com, and other publications. She has also created finance content for sites like The Simple Dollar and Wave Financial.


Queens College

M.A. French Language and Literature

B.A. French Language and Literature