Making Cents: Advice To Help You Manage Your Money

Making Cents

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What's something you want to know about managing money? Do you have questions about your personal finances or need advice on how money impacts your relationships? The Balance’s Editor-in-Chief Kristin Myers is here to give you answers.

Say hello to Making Cents, a weekly advice column from The Balance. Each week, Kristin will answer real questions submitted by readers just like you. From managing multiple investment accounts and helping a loved one with their estate, to paying nannies under the table and filing back taxes, Kristin’s here to help you figure it out. 

All submissions are kept 100% anonymous, and your question could become the subject of one of our weekly columns. You choose whether to include your name or use an alias (think “Sleepless in Seattle”) and we encourage you to share your location, as some money matters may be impacted by where you live.

If you’re ready to tell us about a personal finance situation you’re dealing with and want Kristin’s two cents on how to handle it, submit your question now by filling out this form, and read Making Cents every week to see what Kristin has to say.

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