McKenzie Lambson

McKenzie Lambson
Education: Boise State University
Expertise: Language Acquisition, Religion & Culture, Tourism Development, Education
  • Extensive experience in global education and development.
  • Professional experience as a business manager, copywriter, itinerary writer, and location scout for small businesses.
  • Has written for Dotdash platforms since October 2017.


McKenzie has written for three Dotdash platforms, including ThoughtCo, LearnReligions, and The Balance. She has also worked as a copywriter, itinerary writer, and location scout for various small businesses. She is deeply passionate about bridging the global culture gap through sustainable travel, language acquisition, and socioeconomic development.

After earning a TEFL certification, McKenzie taught English and citizenship classes to resettled refugees, and later she taught English to young learners in rural Spain. She has also worked on several international education programs, including in Cambodia and Jamaica.

In 2017, McKenzie traded the Rocky Mountains for the Mediterranean coastline. She now splits her time between Idaho and Spain, where she works as a business operations manager in the tourism industry while attempting to perfect her Spanish and Catalan.


McKenzie earned a B.S. in political science (with an emphasis on comparative politics and international relations) from Boise State University, where she completed her thesis on education and economic development. She completed additional coursework in Athens, Greece, and at the University of Oxford via the Boise State University Honors College.

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