Michael Boyle

Michael J Boyle

Expertise: Accounting, Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Investing
Title: Alteryx Developer
Education: Colorado State University, Florida State University
Location: Jupiter, FL


  • Member of The Balance's Financial Review Board
  • Masters of Finance degree with an analytics concentration from Colorado State University's Global Campus
  • Chartered Leadership Fellow from the American College of Financial Services in 2019
  • Strategic initiatives analyst


Michael Boyle's expertise in accounting, banking, corporate finance, economics, insurance, investing, and statistics is based in a diverse professional history.

As a Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF) attained through the American College of Financial Services, he learned to effectively coach and supervise financial planners on making suitable recommendations of complex financial products such as fixed annuities, custom variable universal life insurance, index annuities, variable annuities, and whole-life products. He also reviewed transactions involving mutual funds, stocks, and bonds for suitability and adherence to FINRA and firm policies.

Michael was an associate director of compliance for Northwestern Mutual from 2017 to 2019. His responsibilities included client suitability approval of fixed and variable annuities and variable life insurance products, transaction review, auditing of books and records, coaching and development, and understanding a changing complex regulatory environment.

Michael was a derivatives specialist for Charles Schwab, too, where his duties included trading futures, futures options, equity options, equities, bonds, CDs, mutual funds, and treasuries.  Apart from trading, Michael also assisted clientele with the risk management of these products and their associated features such as portfolio margin.

In prior roles, he traded complex derivative products such as futures, futures options, equity options, and foreign currency.

Currently Michael has pivoted his career into data science and analysis while pursuing his second master's degree in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His recent roles include strategic initiatives analyst for NextEra Energy and as a data analyst for Zeel.

Your unique idea has been thought of by many before you. What makes the difference is execution.


Michael earned his first Master of Science in Finance from Colorado State University's Global Campus in 2020, became a chartered leadership fellow for the American College of Financial Services in 2019, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics from Florida State University in 2010.  He is also Advanced Certified in Alteryx Designer and earned his Six Sigma Yellow Belt in 2021.  He is currently pursuing his second Masters of Science in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from Colorado State University's Global Campus and is expected to graduate in 2023.

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