New Card Rewards Doubling Down on Savings With Cash Back

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TD Bank launched a new credit card Monday that essentially doubles cash-back earnings when rewards are used to pad a savings or checking account. 

With the new TD Double Up Credit Card, consumers can earn up to 2% back on every purchase: 1% back when they make a purchase, and then another 1% when the cash-back rewards are deposited into an eligible TD Bank checking or savings account. There’s no limit on how many rewards consumers can earn with the new card, either. 

This card debut follows an annual TD Bank consumer spending survey that found the pandemic has shifted credit card habits, many of which align with the new card’s cash back-centric features. For example, more than one-third of respondents (39%) who applied for a new credit card in the past year said they were interested in a rewards card to match their changed spending habits, which included fewer travel purchases and more day-to-day expenses. Nearly half of all survey respondents said they believe cash-back rewards are the most valuable card benefit, too. 

While earning 1% cash back on all purchases isn’t competitive with many other cash-back rewards cards, the option to get up 2% back with the TD Double Up Card is. Only a couple of other credit cards on the market offer that kind of return on every purchase: the Citi Double Cash Card and more recently, the SoFi Credit Card, which also incentivizes using rewards to boost a savings or investment account balance, or pay back a loan. 

Because half of the cash-back earnings come when redeeming points into a TD bank account, this card is best for people who are already TD Bank customers, or who can qualify for a deposit account. Some TD Bank deposit accounts charge monthly maintenance fees and accounts may not be available to residents of some states. 

Other features of the new TD Double Up Credit Card include: 

  • Earn $100 Cash Back in the form of a statement credit when you spend $1,000 within the first 90 days after account opening.
  • A 15-month 0% balance transfer APR offer for new cardholders—a common promotional rate offer these days.
  • An ongoing variable interest rate of 14.99%-24.99%, which is in line with the current average cash-back card APR.

The TD Double Up Card is now open for online applications for all U.S. residents.

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