Nora O'Malley

Nora O'Malley
Title: Small Business Finance Writer
Education: Georgetown University
Location: Cleveland, OH
Expertise: Small Business Operations, Entrepreneurship , Small Business Finance
  • Covers small business finance and entrepreneurship topics for The Balance
  • Entrepreneur and certified sommelier who opened New York-based all-tap wine bar Lois
  • Founder of snack business Aida and is responsible for its finances, marketing, business operations, and fundraising
  • Has been published in Thrillist, Insidehook, and Vinepair


Nora O'Malley covers small business finance and accounting and entrepreneurship topics for The Balance, and has made her name as a small business owner. She opened Lois, New York's first all-tap wine bar, in 2015. Lois was dubbed one of the best bars in the East Village by many outlets, such as New York Magazine, Bon Appetit, USA Today and more. In 2016, Nora launched Aida, a sophisticated snack line inspired by the food at Lois, that the New York Times called, "addictive." At both businesses Nora is responsible for finance, marketing, business operations and fundraising.

Nora fell in love with food, wine, and entrepreneurship while working in Italy in 2009, and then while working in PR at Penguin Random House in New York, where she publicized cookbooks and beverage books. She went on to become the PR Director at CLEAR, a now-public biometric security company, when it was still a start up. She is hooked on the hustle that's required in small businesses, and always anchors her passions of wine, entrepreneurship and storytelling with the financial practices necessary to run a successful business.

Her writing has appeared in Thrillist, Insidehook and Vinepair. When she's not writing for The Balance she is running Aida, consulting other small businesses, and playing with her puppy, Rosie.


Nora received her bachelor's degree in English from Georgetown University.

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