Number of Day Shows Online Shipping Clock is Ticking

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Number of the Day

That’s how many days shoppers have left to buy gifts online before shipping costs increase, according to the best-case scenario from Adobe Analytics.

Based on the trend for previous years, Dec. 11 (two Fridays before Christmas) is likely to be the last day to secure less expensive online shipping options, though the date may be even sooner because of the pandemic surge in e-commerce, Adobe said in an October analysis of online shopping trends for the holiday season. Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, there were 44% more online-only shoppers than last year, according to the National Retail Federation.

Adobe, which analyzed more than 1 trillion visits to U.S. retail websites, said it expected shipping costs after Dec. 11 to be as much as 14.6% higher, and predicted the trend of buying online but picking up in a physical store would “explode.”


Planning to do more of your holiday shopping online this year? Following some basic tips, including choosing credit over debit cards, will help you do it safely.

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