Rachel Leigh Gross headshot

Rachel Leigh Gross

Expertise: Entrepreneurship/Startups, Nonprofits
Title: Small Business Writer
Education: Brown University
Location: New York, NY


  • Covers small business terms and finance, entrepreneurship, and startups for The Balance.
  • Began writing on similar topics in 2016 for various business and academic publications
  • Program manager for a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through collaboration and development
  • Studied the intersection of narrative and entrepreneurship through her undergraduate studies at Brown University and subsequent professional experiences at startups and nonprofits.
  • Earned a financial accounting certificate from Harvard Business School


Rachel Leigh Gross is a writer for The Balance, covering topics ranging from entrepreneurship to small business finance, and business terminology. She has built her writing portfolio through private client work, startup thought leadership, and several business publication features.  

Rachel has thrived in the entrepreneurial landscape for 5+ years, bringing her firsthand experience of what it takes to build a company, grow a team, and balance a personal life. She wrote on many of these topics in her prior role for a growing startup while simultaneously building a freelance clientele of small to medium-sized businesses.  

Rachel became familiar with the publishing world when she started as a contributor at Thrive Global several years ago. She also wrote for a short time as a travel guru for Flight Network, focusing on how even entrepreneurs could find time for a life-changing trip. 

Before her full-time work in the startup and nonprofit world began, Rachel studied English literature at Brown University and created an independent study on the intersection of entrepreneurship, narrative, and human connection (i.e. hospitality). 

Rachel has been interviewed on several podcasts, detailing her entrepreneurial journey (The Catalyst Effect), alignment with purpose (Big Conversations), and belief in the power of spaces (Elevation Nation).


Rachel earned her bachelor's in English literature from Brown University and received a financial accounting certificate from Harvard Business School.

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