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How to Tell Your Boss About Your Plan to Retire

This illustration shows what to know about writing a retirement letter. Even if you tell your manager and your HR staff verbally about your retirement plans, your employer will still want an official, written notification. Address the letter to your manager, a retirement letter serves as proof that you left your job by choice, and copy HR to ensure there are no problems with retirement benefits.

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Use this sample retirement letter to notify your employer of your expected date of retirement. Even if you tell your manager and your Human Resources staff verbally about your retirement plans, months or even years in advance, your employer will still want an official, written notification.

Your employer likes to keep employee file documentation that includes your initial job offer or contract, social security information, performance appraisals, and everything else related to your employment for a period of years. This documentation includes any notification that you are quitting your job or retiring.

Employers keep this information to have a record of events. In any instance of a potential lawsuit, the employer needs to have on hand all documentation related to each employee. The employer needs to have proof that the event of your retirement was your personal choice and decision.


This is because employers have run into situations in which former employees filed for unemployment compensation, too, and the retirement letter in the employee file is proof that you left your job by choice.

You may address the retirement letter to your manager and copy HR. You want your HR staff in the loop so that you experience no problems with health care coverage, pensions, 40l(k) availability, and all of the other benefits and plans you'll need to get going for retirement.

Here is a sample retirement letter to notify your employer. It will serve as your official resignation letter in your employment file.

Sample Retirement Letter

This is a retirement letter example. Download the retirement letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Screenshot of a sample retirement letter
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Sample Retirement Letter (Text Version)

Margaret Price
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Ms. Janice Smith
Marketing Manager
Techtron Mobile
8976 W. Fourth St.
Plano, TX 02987

Dear Janice:

This letter is my official notification to you and to my company that my last day of work at Techtron Mobile will be January 11. On that day, I plan to retire.

I am excited about my impending retirement but wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the opportunities that I have experienced working for Techtron Mobile. I have genuinely enjoyed my employment as a Marketing Communication Specialist and will miss you and my coworkers when my retirement day comes.

Please let me know what I can do to help you with the transition of my work to another employee. I plan to work right up until my retirement date and will be happy to help you make a smooth transition. I'll even help you find an employee to replace me if that is the decision that you make.

Again, I have truly enjoyed working at Techtron Mobile and will miss my coworkers and our workplace a great deal. I wish you nothing but the best for the future.

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information. I will be meeting with HR shortly to finalize the details of my retirement, learn about any benefits that extend beyond retirement, and identify any assistance that I can provide in transitioning my job to another employee.


Handwritten Signature

Margaret Price

Potential Proposals Following Retirement

This retirement letter is also an opportunity to propose options other than complete retirement to your boss and HR. If you are available for occasional work or if you'd like to phase yourself into retirement by working part-time, this is an opportunity to document your willingness.

Of course, you will have discussed options other than total retirement with both of these parties prior to suggesting them in a retirement letter. If you've reached an agreement, for example, that you will work part-time until they can replace you for a period of six months until such and such date, document this fact in your retirement letter.


Never commit to continue working after retirement without an end date written on the front end. It's too easy for an employer to stall finding your replacement if they still have you. And, if you committed to working two days a week, hold to your commitment or you will find yourself working full time.

When you are seriously ready to retire, you don't want to volunteer for anything that will draw you back into working full time. Further, don't commit to any work schedule that will keep you from following all of your hopes and dreams. Retirement is the hard-earned time that belongs to you. Whether that means spending winters in Florida or traveling to Europe in the summer, your retirement should be just that—retirement.

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