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A DUI or DWI driving offense can be a scary experience and drivers are often left not knowing where to turn when it comes to their auto insurance needs. This can be especially true if these drivers are required to file SR-22 financial responsibility with their states. One company that specializes in insuring drivers with SR-22 insurance and those with alcohol-related offenses is Serenity Insurance.

Company Overview

Serenity Insurance is unique because it specializes in insuring high-risk drivers, particularly those with alcohol-related offenses. The CEO and founder of Serenity Group, Inc. is Mr. Thomas A. Black and he established his company with a vision of helping drivers with alcohol offenses to get insurance and to deal with societal alcohol-related issues. It has been providing auto insurance to high-risk drivers for over 20 years. The company works in close relationship with alcohol treatment centers in supporting offenders and helping them get back on their feet.

The company provides SR-22 insurance; motorcycle and scooter insurance, boat insurance, RV and trailer insurance, non-owner car insurance and broad form insurance. Auto insurance is offered to customers in 47 states. The company headquarters is located in Spokane, Washington.

Insurance Products

Serenity Insurance offers the following insurance products:

  • Auto SR-22 Insurance: You can purchase an auto policy covering bodily injury and liability, comprehensive and collision coverage as well as any SR-22 requirements.
  • Motorcycle & Scooter Insurance: Insurance is available for motorcycles, mopeds or scooters as well as SR-22 motorcycle insurance.
  • Boat Insurance: Boat insurance options include liability coverage, total loss replacement, emergency towing on the water, medical payments including water-skiers, property damage liability including fuel spills damage.
  • RV & Trailer Insurance: RV and trailer insurance is available including total loss replacement, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance, emergency vacation expense, and replacement costs for personal expenses.
  • Non Owner Car Insurance: If you do not own a car but need insurance, you can buy nonowner’s car insurance fulfilling your state’s minimum liability requirements. This insurance only covers damage for personal injury or property damage to the injured party. This insurance is not authorized in Co, MD, NJ or NY.
  • Broad Form Insurance: This is a basic auto insurance option that meets your state’s minimum liability requirements. As with non-owner insurance, it only covers the victim’s damages. This coverage is only authorized in CO, DE, ID, IA, MD, MS NE, NV, OH, TN and WA.

Customer Services Ratings

Serenity Group, Inc. has been a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2010 and has a BBB rating of “A+.” The BBB only received 4 total complaints during a 3-year time span in the areas of billing/collection and problems with products or services. All complaints were closed.

An online customer review site, Trustpilot, lists many customer reviews that are overall positive. Customer ratings are 1 to 5 stars. For the 1 and 2 star ratings, Serenity often has a company representative respond to customer complaints. This shows that the company is interested in providing a positive customer experience.


Serenity Insurance is considered a top provider of high-risk auto insurance. For drivers with alcohol-related offenses and those needing to obtain SR-22 insurance, the company may be able to find you a more affordable policy than with a standard carrier. It accepts drivers with multiple DUI and DWI offenses and those that need to file financial responsibility with their state. It is able to do your SR-22 filings in all but 3 of the 47 states where it offers coverage.

The website also offers a wealth of information related to SR-22 insurance and DUI offenses. You can contact the company for customer service during weekdays, nights and weekend hours by telephone, live chat or through an online quote request form.


If you do not have a bad driving record or DUI related offense, you can probably find a better rate with another carrier. The company only provides auto insurance so you will not be able to get a discount for combining homeowners and auto insurance that some other carriers may offer policyholders.

Contact Information

To contact Serenity Insurance to find out more about purchasing auto insurance, its other insurance products or to receive a quote; you can visit the Serenity Insurance website or call 800-774-0520. The customer service number is 877-215-4610. You can also email

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