Sheri Bechtel

Sheri Betchel

Expertise: Investing, Share trading, Personal finance, Insurance, Investing software and apps
Title: Associate Editorial Director, Product Reviews
Education: Columbus State University
Location: Providence, Rhode Island


  • More than 20 years of financial journalism experience
  • Deep knowledge of investing and personal finance
  • Extensive bylines in The Bond Buyer, Prospect News, and at covering investing and personal finance topics


Sheri Bechtel is the associate editorial director of financial product reviews at The Balance.

With more than 20 years in the investing and finance space, Sheri is a complete bond nerd. She spent more than a decade covering municipal and corporate bonds, and while she knows this makes her boring, she finds them fascinating! She previously worked as a financial journalist at The Bond Buyer and Prospect News, where she covered everything from munis to stocks to structured finance.

As editor-in-chief for's share trading and investing team, Sheri developed and executed content strategies to educate everyday people about smart investing, saving, and money management strategies to help them make better financial decisions.

In her current role as associate editorial director with The Balance, she is passionate about making financial topics accessible.

Born and raised in Georgia, she now lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with her totally rad family. She loves adventuring in the great outdoors, and you'll frequently find her hiking, camping, paddle boarding, cycling, kayaking, and engaging in various other activities that make her family nervous.


Sheri has a bachelor's degree in English from Columbus State University.

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