State Taxes

State and local governments require that people file tax returns, just like the federal government. Each state has its own rules regarding income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes, and we'll help you figure out these requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you file state taxes?

    The starting point is your federal return. You’ll want to be sure that it’s accurate and complete before you begin preparing your state income tax return. Begin making adjustments after you've entered the information from your federal return onto your state return. You must reconcile the differences between your federal taxable income and your state taxable income. 

  • When are state taxes due?

    State tax filing deadlines differ from state to state. However, many state tax due dates are the same as the federal tax due date, which is normally April 15. In 2022, however, the federal tax deadline was extended to April 18 (or April 19 if you lived in Maine or Massachusetts). 

  • How can you file your state taxes for free?

    While not necessarily free, there are a few ways to file state taxes in the cheapest way possible. One is to file directly through your state through their respective websites. While some states impose restrictions on who can file for free, residents of several states and Washington, D.C. might be able to file for free via state-provided forms or through the Free File Alliance. Other ways include IRS Free File and getting discounts from tax software providers. 

  • Which state has the highest sales taxes?

    California has the dubious honor of having the highest statewide sales tax rate at 7.25%. It's followed by Indiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and Tennessee at 7%, Minnesota at 6.875%, Nevada at 6.85%, and New Jersey at 6.625%.

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