Stuff Is Getting Easier To Find, Poll Shows

Shortages eased in nine of 12 categories tracked by Morning Consult

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If you were looking for that special holiday gift in November, your chances of finding it in stock were much better than they were in October, as a new poll of shoppers found. 

Nine out of the 12 categories of items tracked in a survey were easier to find in November compared with October, the Morning Consult polling company said in a report Thursday. Customers said cars, groceries, appliances, building materials, and other things all were less scarce than they had been, according to the poll of 2,200 U.S. adults.

The survey was the latest indication that the supply chain problems plaguing the economy have begun to relent somewhat.

“Supply chains are untangling just in time to capture spending during the home stretch of the holiday season,” Kayla Bruun, an economic analyst at Morning Consult, said in the report.

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