Succeeding at Work

Succeeding at work starts by doing your job well. From time management to exceeding deadlines, learn how to succeed at work so you can advance in your career.

A women conducts a job interview
The Best Ways to Show Employers You’ve Added Value at Work
Businesswoman under pressure in the office
What You Need to Know—And Do—If You Received a Warning at Work
Group of 5 employees talking in a circle to come up with a consensus decision
Consensus Decision-Making Pros and Cons
Stressed worker with her head in her hands at her office desk experiencing anxiety
Is Anxiety Considered a Disability at Work?
Woman at desk, head bowed over computer, as she grapples alone with illegal retaliation in her workplace
What Is Workplace Retaliation and When Are Actions Not Retaliation?
A visionary leader brings his employees along because of the actions that he takes.
Visionary Leadership Has 3 Characteristics You Want to Find and Follow
Intern and Mentor Working On Computer In Office
Make the Most of Your Internship With These 6 Steps
Businesswoman with colleagues in office
10 Simple Ways To Learn To Love Your Job
A parent works from home.
How To Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Parent
Coffee break on the Office rooftop in Seoul
How to Survive a 60-Hour Work Week
This illustration is about why you should send a thank-you letter after you didn't get the job. It shows good grace, offers a chance to build your network, creates a path to future job opportunities, and is an opportunity to ask for a critique of your interview skills.
Why Should I Follow Up After Being Rejected for a Job?
Businesswoman with headphones smiling during video conference.
Supercharge Your Career With These Tips
Respect is earned in many ways by employees from their coworkers and bosses.
8 Ways to Gain the Respect of Your Coworkers
Manager walking and talking with a worker in a warehouse
How To Manage Two Jobs Without Burning Out
Woman standing behind coworker who is sitting at his desk. Both are looking at desktop computer.
12 Ways To Improve Your Performance as a Manager
Friends sit together for a meal.
Work-Life Balance: Juggling Glass and Rubber Balls
Employee explaining company software to a new worker in an office setting.
What Is the Role of a Mentor?
This illustration features tips for writing a reference letter, including "Write as a formal letter," "Briefly explain your relationship to the candidate," "Convey why you're writing the latter and why you're qualified to recommend them," "Include details about the candidate's qualities that relate to the individual's goal," and "Enclose your contact information and an offer to provide more information."
How to Write a Reference Letter With Examples
Don't let the corporate pace become a pain
How To Handle a Job Demotion
Meeting with manager
12 Tips for Asking for (and Getting) Time Off From Your Job
Types of thank you notes
Thank-You Note and Email Message Examples
Thank-You Messages, Phrases, and Wording Examples
Use These Phrases to Write a Perfect Thank-You Note
Woman typing on computer in coffee shop
Professional Thank-You Letter Examples and Writing Tips
This illustration lists the essentials of the internship thank-you letter including "Be genuine," "Send either a handwritten note or an email," "Writing a thank-you note shows appreciation, continues the relationship, and could even result in a full-time opportunity," "Thank everyone who helped you," "Don't ask for a job outright," "Include specifics about helpful experiences," and "Provide contact information."
Thank-You Letter Sample to Send After Completing an Internship
Thank You
Examples of the Best Thank-You Letters and Email Messages
This illustration offers closing options for thank-you letters including "Sincerely," "With gratitude," "Best regards," "Many thanks," "With thanks and appreciation," and "Thank you for your consideration."
Top Tips for Graciously Ending a Thank-You Note or Email
Title reads: "Tips for writing a thank-you note." There are four icons with captions. The icons are a hand tapping on a watch, two hands holding a heart, a man writing a letter thinking about a girl, and a piece of paper that says "thank yoo." Captions below read: "send it as soon as possible; be positive and sincere; make it personal; proofread carefully before sending"
Thank-You Letter Samples and Writing Tips
thank you greeting card
Tips for Writing a Letter of Appreciation
Office Worker
What is a Flexible Work Schedule?
This illustration includes tips for writing a letter accepting an employee's resignation such as "Use business letter format," "Accept the resignation," "Express understanding," "Send one copy to employee, and keep one on file," and "Optional: Offer to provide a reference."
Sample Letters You Can Use When Accepting an Employee's Resignation
Woman working on a laptop
Sample Email Reference Thank-You Letter
help wanted ad
Know What to Do If You See Your Job Advertised Online
Woman working in office
Here's a List of Do's and Don'ts of Searching for Jobs From Work
business people with laptop
What Do You Do if Your Boss Catches You Job Searching?
Image shows a woman sitting on a stack of books in front of a desk, beside her is a plant and a garbage bin. Text reads: "Steps to take before using 'to whom it may concern' on a cover letter: Look on the company website, perform a linkedin search, ask a friend or colleague, check job listing for hiring manager or employer name, call the office and explain that you are applying for a job and would like to know the name of the hiring manager"
Tips for Using the Salutation "To Whom It May Concern"
People working in an office
What Is Company Culture?
Signing a legal document
How to Read an Employee Confidentiality Agreement
This illustration includes six positive tips on what to do when you don't like your job including "Keep your 'I hate my job' thoughts to yourself," "Know that it can happen to anyone," "Try to make the job work before considering quitting," "Start your job search," and "Resign gracefully, with two weeks' notice."
What to Do When You Hate Your Job
Business team in meeting
Can an Employer Change Your Job Description?
Young businesswoman using laptop at work.
Can an Employer Require Me to Use My Own Computer at Work?
This illustration describes When You Need a Doctor's Note for Work and includes "Verifies the necessity of your visit," "Recommends a length of absence," and "Mentions any special accommodations you may need in order to return to work."
What to Do If You'll Be Missing Work and Need a Doctor's Note
Medical Exam
Notifying Your Boss About a Doctor Appointment
Business people talking in office
How to Request a Leave of Absence From Work
New Technology
Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation for Employment
How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Co-Worker
Businessman working on laptop
Use These Letter Examples to Say Thank You to Your Boss
Man using mobile phone in office
Employers and Employees Rights for Posting on Facebook
Close-up of Businessman Holding Box, representing wrongful demotion.
How to Handle a Wrongful Demotion
Shot of two corporate businesswomen shaking hands during a meeting in the boardroom
How to Write a Congratulations Email for a Promotion
Employees brainstorming in a meeting.
Have You Stayed Too Long at Your Job?
Illustration of a woman with her head on her computer keyboard, feeling unhappy at work.
Tips for Keeping the Job You Have
Businessmen discussing paperwork in meeting
Tips for Finding a Career Mentor
Businesswoman going for a handshake
How To Move Down the Career Ladder
person on phone with laptop
Do You Know What Former Employers Can Say About You?
A boss scolding a young employee and pointing at her across a desk.
What You Can Do If Your Boss Doesn't Like You
Excited employees handshake at meeting after successful negotiations
Show Your Appreciation For Help at Work With These Letters
Man using laptop at table
Employee Email Examples Asking to Work From Home
Empty work space waiting for return of employee
Welcome Back to Work Letter and Email Examples
Image shows a desk with a computer, a notebook, a cup with pens, and also a bouquet of flowers over a note that reads "thank you for your hard work!"
Thank You to Team Members Examples
This illustration shows tips for writing a thank-you note for help with a project including be informal, but professional, mention a few ways their expertise was valuable to the project, express your appreciation for their time and input, a nice extra is to offer to reciprocate in some way.
Sample Thank-You Letters for Helping With a Project