Thomas Phelps

Sales careers
Program Manager/Business Development
Le Moyne College


  • Skilled as a salesperson, sales manager, and sales coach since 2002
  • Owns PWS, Inc., which is a service-based business that focuses on delivering professional writing, sales coaching, and consultative services to sales professionals and sales businesses around the world
  • Multiple certifications in the IT, coaching, and sales industries, as well as a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and English
  • Member of National Association of Sales Professionals


Thomas Phelps covered topics like career positions in sales, the sales team dynamic, and how to be successful in sales. 

Thomas Phelps' experience in the sales and consulting industries crossed many sectors including financial services, IT, office equipment, software, and outsourcing services.

Also a published author, he wrote eight fiction novels including the "Derek Cole Suspense Thriller Series." On average, every 4.8 minutes, someone in the world downloads a book authored by T. Patrick Phelps, his pen name.


Phelps graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration and English from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. Phelps is also a certified life coach and certified sales coach.