Tips for Using to Job Search

Guide to Indeed Jobs, Salary Information, and Resume Posting

Tips for Using to Job Search

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Need to find job listings fast? Wondering whether any local jobs exist in your field of expertise? The job website makes an excellent online resource for finding quality, targeted job listings in a hurry. and Your Job Search enables you to search millions of job listings from thousands of websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, company career pages, and associations to find job listings that match or have similar terms related to your search query.


All of your searches can be saved as email alerts, so you can have new job listings from these specific searches delivered to your inbox daily.

You can use the website to job search or download Indeed's job search app, available for Android and iOS devices. Once you download the app to your phone or tablet, you'll be able to quickly search for jobs, use your device's GPS to find local job listings, apply right away with your uploaded resume, and get more new job listings delivered to your Inbox.

Simplify Your Search has the look and feel of Google and the other top search engines. It's user-friendly, uncluttered, straightforward, and easy to navigate. Using a job search engine aggregates job listings from many different sources including all of the top job-search websites, so it saves you time and effort because you only need to perform your search in one place.


More than 3 million employers use Indeed, so narrowing down the results to exactly what you want can make a job search far less overwhelming.

Use the search filters to look at potential jobs by location, keyword, job title, salary, or company or use the advanced search option to further refine your search.

Applying Once You Find Potential Jobs

You'll be able to apply for new jobs quickly and easily online. After sifting through your results, either apply on the site or contact the company directly. Follow the link above to learn details on how to search and apply for jobs on, including simple and advanced search options and setting up job alerts.

Get the Mobile App

You can get Indeed's job search app for iOS and Android mobile devices. The app offers many of the functions you would ordinarily need to do on your PC. This includes searching for jobs, building a resume, setting up alerts for new listings, posting your resume, and applying quickly and easily, all using your phone or tablet.

Set Up Email Job Alerts

You can set up email alerts for notifications about new jobs or recommendations for openings that might have otherwise gone overlooked. You can also configure how often or how many of these alerts you get on a given day, week, or month.

Click on the section header link to find out how to set up email job alerts to notify you about new job postings, plus additional information on how to edit and delete the alerts you receive from Indeed.

How to Post Your Resume

Like other job searching sites, Indeed lets you upload your resume for both easy access and to enable recruiter and hiring managers to view your public resume. Alternatively, you can also build a resume on Indeed by inputting your career data directly into the fields provided by Indeed’s “Build Your Own Resume” feature.

Here are instructions on how to post your resume, plus how to edit, share and delete your resume, and how to adjust privacy settings.

Using Indeed to Find International Jobs

Are you eager to travel and experience life abroad in a foreign country? Use search filters to peruse Indeed's international job listings aggregated from the leading job boards, content websites, newspapers, organizations, and company career pages of international employers.

Other Resources on

  • Job seekers can create an online resume completely from scratch or upload an existing resume in any of dozens of common formats including Word, PDF, RTF, TXT, and HTML on Indeed Resume.
  • Learn more about the job you are searching for by using Indeed to search salaries.
  • Use the Salary Search tool to get information on the average salary range for the jobs that interest you. You can refine your search to determine average salaries throughout the United States or in specific states or major cities. 
  • Indeed has job search plugins for Firefox, an application for your mobile device, a button for your Google Toolbar, and more services from, including links to career discussion forums, statistics on job trends, RSS feed information, and models of career paths taken by people in different industries.
  • Create a account and access your saved jobs, notes, and searches from any computer.
  • Read and participate in ​​Indeed discussion forums, research companies, and even find people working for companies of interest through their online social networks.
  • Some employers use Indeed's Text2Apply service. With those companies, you will be able to apply for jobs by text.

Key Takeaways

  • enables you to search millions of job listings from thousands of websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, company career pages, and associations.
  • To find jobs relevant to you, narrow your search using filters available on the site.
  • Setting up alerts and downloading the app can help stay on top of new listings and previous applications.

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