TJ Porter

TJ Porter

Expertise: Investing, Stocks, ETFs, Credit and credit cards, Banking
Title: Personal Finance Writer and Desktop Team Lead
Education: Northeastern University
Location: Boston, Massachusetts


  • More than seven years of experience writing about investing, banking, credit, and more
  • Work has been published on Bankrate, Credit Karma, MoneyCrashers, and other well-known personal finance sites
  • Graduated from Northeastern University


TJ Porter has over seven years of experience as a personal finance writer covering investing, stocks, ETFs, banking, credit, and more. He has written dozens of articles for The Balance and other well-known personal finance sites like Bankrate, Credit Karma, MoneyCrashers, DollarSprout, CardCruncher, My Bank Tracker, and more.

TJ's brush with personal finance began as he looked for ways to stretch his own dollars, through deals or reward points. In all of his writing, TJ aims to provide easy to understand and actionable content that can help readers make financial choices that work for them. TJ also works as the Desktop Team Lead for the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Helpdesk.

When he's not writing about finance, TJ enjoys cooking and reading.


TJ graduated from Northeastern University in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in business administration, concentrating in information management systems and supply chain management. He also received minors in international affairs and history.

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