Tips for Using Your Smartphone to Search and Apply for Jobs

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Your phone is a source of answers and information on everything from the actor's name in that one movie to tomorrow's weather to the latest news in the world and in your friend circle. And as you may have already discovered, it's also a useful tool for job searching. 

In fact, almost every job seeker is using a mobile device in some way for job hunting. Company review site Glassdoor notes that 58% of their users search for jobs on their phones. Similarly, job search engine Indeed notes that 75% of the site's traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Discover how you can put your smartphone to work to further your job search. 

When to Use a Smartphone for Job Hunting

Even though most people use their phone for some component of job hunting, mobile job searching doesn't always translate into mobile job applications. That's because the application process can be lengthy on a site that isn't designed for mobile job applications.

There can be pages of information you'll have to enter to apply. In some cases, you may need to upload files (such as your resume), which is easier on a computer than a phone. If you use a job board or job search engine, they may have a process in place where you can seamlessly apply. Otherwise, it can be simpler to keep track of the job and apply from your home computer.

But even if you opt not to apply for a job on your phone, you can still effectively use your phone for job hunting.


There are many apps for tablets and phones (both iOS and Android) that make it easy to look for jobs, and there are other tools you can use to job hunt using your phone.

How to Use Your Smartphone Throughout the Job Search Process

Here's how to tap mobile to enhance and expedite your job search.

Install Apps for Job Hunting and Networking 

There are many job search apps available for phones and tablets. You can download apps that search for jobs by keyword and location, email job listings, keep track of your contacts, and even create a resume. 

As well as downloading job search apps, you can also download the apps for networking websites such as LinkedIn

Use a Job Site

If you have an account on a job site like Monster or CareerBuilder, for example, you can apply with your existing application materials that you have uploaded from your computer.

On CareerBuilder, you can apply to jobs via your phone using the CareerBuilder app, choose an option to only view jobs that you can apply to using your phone, and instantly apply with a resume already saved in the CareerBuilder database.

Check for New Job Vacancies

It only takes a few minutes to check for new job listings. Use your apps to check frequently, so you can get the latest listings as soon as they are posted.

Use apps for job search engines like Indeed, SimplyHired, and Getwork, to quickly find job postings.

Send Yourself Job Listings

It's easy to email job postings to yourself, either using a function built into an app or by using the features built-in to your phone.

Open the email on your computer, and you'll have all the information you need to apply.

Bookmark Job Postings and Websites

You can bookmark job postings and websites to visit later on, copy to your home screen, or print a copy of the listing directly from your phone.

Get Notifications and Alerts

Depending on the job site you're using, you may be able to sign up for text or email notifications of new job postings.

Most major job sites send relevant job matches via email or social media instantaneously, daily, or weekly. Opt for instantaneously if you want to get your application in as soon as possible.

Stay on Track 

In some ways, job searching can be an organizational challenge. For instance, you may need to remember to submit an application, send a thank-you note, reach out to a reference for a recommendation, and so on. 

Your phone can help you stay on track, so none of these tasks are forgotten. Try using a list-making app to list out all the jobs you've applied for or tasks you have to do. You can also use the calendar or alarm apps to set reminders. 

Submit Email Applications

If you email yourself a copy of your resume and save it in the inbox on your phone, you will be able to forward it to employers who request applications via email. Write your cover letter in the body of the email message.


Make sure to set up a professional email signature on your phone. This will allow you to communicate readily with employers and networking contacts, and they will be able to get back in touch.

Research Companies and Interviewers

Before going to a job interview, you'll want to prepare. That involves practicing answers to common interview questions, but also getting to know the company.


Reviewing the company's website and presence on social media platforms (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and so on) is likely just as easy to do from your phone as your computer. 

If you know your interviewer's name, you can also look them up on LinkedIn. Being familiar with their background could make you feel a bit more confident going into the interview (and you may even discover some connections in common). 

Send Thank You Notes

It's always a good idea to send a thank-you note after a job interview, and you won't have to wait until you do get back to your computer to do so. You can send an email thank-you letter or take advantage of the Felt app, which will send thank-you notes for you.

Be Careful About Applying for Jobs From Your Phone

Unless you're using a job site app, it can be easier to apply for jobs from a computer than it is from a phone because of the information you'll need to enter into online job applications.

Don't waste time trying to apply when it's easier to wait until you can get to a computer to submit an application.

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