What Is a Monroney Sticker?

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A Monroney sticker is a label that provides important info about a vehicle’s retail price, fuel economy rating, safety ratings, and more. Monroney stickers are required by law on new cars in the U.S.

Definition and Examples of a Monroney Sticker

A Monroney sticker is a label that contains information about a vehicle, including its make and model, as well as safety ratings, engine specifications, premium features, and more. Monroney stickers can be found on all new vehicles in the U.S. and are required by law.

  • Alternate names: Monroney label, window sticker

Say you were in the market for a new Toyota Camry. The Monroney sticker would tell you information like:

  • The car's retail price
  • Safety features
  • Standard equipment
  • Optional factory-added equipment
  • Mileage per gallon
  • Where it was assembled

This information can be incredibly helpful when comparing vehicles to determine which one is right for you. For instance, the Monroney sticker may tell you that one Toyota Camry comes with a cold-weather package that includes a heated steering wheel and seats, while another doesn’t. If you live in a snowy climate, this added information may help you sort through your options.


The Monroney sticker is named after Almer Stillwell "Mike" Monroney, an Oklahoma politician. He was a strong supporter of consumer rights and was the author of the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958, which required that car dealers provide buyers with certain information about a vehicle's price, features, and safety.

How a Monroney Sticker Works

A Monroney sticker is a label required by the U.S. federal government to be affixed to the inside of a new vehicle’s windshield or window. It must contain specific information about the vehicle, including:

  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • A list of standard equipment and optional features
  • Engine details
  • Fuel economy ratings
  • Safety ratings and crash-test scores
  • Warranty information

Here’s an example of a Monroney sticker from Toyota: 

Monroney sticker


Source: Toyota.com

Monroney stickers for new vehicles

Today, Monroney stickers can be found on new cars in showrooms across the U.S. So if you're in the market for a new car, you should see the Monroney sticker affixed to the vehicle’s windshield or side window when shopping in person.

If you’re shopping for cars online, the dealer should have a PDF version of the Monroney sticker available to download. You should see it in the car’s detailed description, like this:

Online car information


Monroney stickers are a critical tool for buyers when making purchasing decisions about new vehicles. By reviewing Monroney stickers, buyers can quickly and easily determine which vehicles meet their needs and budget, and avoid costly car-buying mistakes.


Try to keep your Monroney sticker after you buy a new vehicle. It can increase your car’s resale value because buyers will feel more comfortable knowing the vehicle’s exact specs. Plus, you can reference it anytime you take your car in for maintenance or a safety recall.

Monroney stickers for used vehicles

Monroney stickers aren’t required by law to be on used vehicles. So if you’re shopping around for a used vehicle, such as a pre-owned Toyota Camry, for example, the original owner may no longer have the Monroney sticker.

In this case, you might consider buying a Monroney sticker online so you can review that vehicle’s factory-fitted features and pricing, and find out about any safety recalls you may need to be aware of.


Instead of a Monroney sticker, used vehicles have what’s called a Buyer’s Guide sticker. This label gives info about the vehicle’s warranty and any suspected issues. However, it may not have as much factory data as the standard Monroney sticker.

You can get a Monroney sticker for most used vehicles using the Monroney scanner label app. All you need is the vehicle’s VIN to get started. It costs $7.99 per vehicle. You may also be able to find them for free if you’re buying a used vehicle through CarFax.

Key Takeaways

  • A Monroney sticker is a label affixed to the inside of a vehicle's window and provides important info about the vehicle’s MSRP, fuel rating, safety rating, and more.
  • Monroney stickers are required by law to be affixed to the driver's side windows of new vehicles.
  • Monroney stickers aren’t required for used vehicles. However, you can buy one online using a vehicle’s VIN.
  • Monroney stickers are meant to help you make informed decisions about which vehicle may fit your needs and budget.

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