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A Client Maternity Email That Will Make You Feel Good To Send

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Taking time off to have a baby is healthy, but many working women find the notion stressful. According to a survey by the London Business School, 70% of career women feel anxious about taking a career break. You may worry about how your work will get done while you're out, or about the break hurting your career.

If you work with clients, one way to alleviate some stress is to communicate clearly with them about your maternity leave, and making sure they're taken care of while you're out. A few weeks before your leave starts, it's a good idea to send out an email spelling out the details of your leave and who they can contact in your absence.  

Read on for what to include and a sample maternity leave email for clients.

Key Takeaways

  • Sending an email before you go on maternity leave can help your clients feel taken care of and clear up questions they may have.
  • Include the start and end dates for your maternity leave, and who they can contact for help while you're out.
  • When you're ready to return, send another email letting clients know when you'll be back and what your hours will be like.

Why Sending a Client Maternity Leave Email Is a Good Idea

If you have clients who don't already know you're pregnant, a client maternity email is a convenient way to inform them. For those who do know, this is the time to get all the details they'll need in writing about your maternity leave.

An email specifically tailored for your clients will be a great resource for them. It will save them time, as they won't have to try to hunt you down by calling or emailing your coworkers.

This email shows your clients you're thinking of them. They will have something in writing that they can refer to on how to get support from your company in your absence. This type of letter may not a requirement but is a nice gesture that ensures your clients are taken care of.  

What Topics To Cover

The content of your email depends on who your client is and how often you are in touch with them. If you are sending out the same email to 200 clients, you will want to keep it short and sweet. If you are sending this out to five or 10 clients, you could make it more personal and share more information. Here are a few topics you can include in your client maternity leave email:

View this email as setting expectations with your client. For you, this will protect the time you have with your newborn and can ease your mind that you didn't leave loose ends at work.

Sample Client Maternity Leave Email

Below, find an example of a client maternity leave email. Where you see (parentheses), you should insert the appropriate words or phrases for your circumstances. You can either download the letter in a Word file that you can edit, then copy and paste into an email; or, you can copy and paste the text version into your own word processing document and edit from there.

Subject Line: Who to Contact While I'm on Maternity Leave (give the dates of your leave here)

Dear (Client Name),

I am pregnant (or in the process of adopting a child) and expect to take a (fill in the number of weeks) maternity leave beginning on (the date you wish your leave to begin) and returning on ( the date you expect to return from maternity leave).

As you know, I take great pride in my performance and the quality of my work for (name of client's company). I have already submitted a detailed plan to my manager to ensure that your needs will be taken care of in my absence.

While I am on leave I will not be available for consultation, so my job responsibilities will be managed by the following co-workers.

(Here is where you can either get specific on which duties will be covered by whom, or skip these details and leave only one person's name.)

During my absence, your point of contact will be (name of colleague covering for you, with contact details such as email address and direct phone number).

Please let me know if you have any particular concerns or questions about how your needs will be addressed during my maternity leave. I will let you know if any changes occur that may impact you.

Thank you for your confidence in my work. I look forward to working with you up until my maternity leave and then again after I return to the office.

Sincerely yours,

(Your name)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What subject line should I use for my maternity leave email?

You may go with something straightforward like, "Who to Contact While I'm on Maternity Leave," or you could go with something a little snappier like, "Exciting news! Plus what this means for you" or "Having a baby. Contact (colleague's name)." You want to make sure they'll read it when they need it without being so cute, it's not clear what you're trying to say.

How should you alert clients when you return from maternity leave?

You may choose to stay silent until you're officially back at work, or give clients a heads-up a week or two in advance. Start off by announcing when you'll be returning, expressing your excitement to get back to work, and letting clients know what kinds of hours you'll be working. Depending on your company culture and the nature of your client relationships, you may also want to include a few details about your baby with a photo.

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