Motorcycle Storage Insurance

Winter Coverage Options for Motorcycles

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Motorcycle storage insurance mainly refers to the coverage you get for the winter months or the times when you know you’re not going to be riding your motorcycle. Learn more about storage insurance and some other plan options for those winter months when you are not riding your bike.​

Put Motorcycle in Storage

Storage insurance is common enough that any insurance agent will know what you mean when you ask about it. Still, some may use the terms comprehensive or other than collision insurance when referring to the type of coverage you’re asking for. If you are looking at more than a few months ahead where you won’t be riding your bike, tell your agent that your bike will be in storage. Ask about what options you have to insure it while you aren't riding it. Most people consider taking away all coverage, aside from comprehensive, to be what storage insurance means. The comprehensive coverage protects your bike against theft, fire, and storm damage. These are some of the things that could happen to it while it is locked away.​

Reducing your motorcycle plan to comprehensive only used to be the only way to handle bike insurance over the winter months. As a result, insurance companies found that this led to more shopping around by people for a cheaper deal. More and more companies are moving away from offering comprehensive-only plans for bikes, but you may still be able to find it.

Reduce Coverage over Winter Months

Some carriers do not allow storage plans on seasonal vehicles because the layoff period is built into the price of the plan. A reduced premium that is built in does extend some benefits to you, but it may feel costly paying for a full plan when you can't be out riding your bike due to months of bad weather.

Some lenders mandate that you carry full coverage at all times. Having your bike insured with a company that offers a built-in layup rate might be the best deal for you. Plus, every time the weather changes, your bike will be ready to ride without having to worry about being covered.

If you must carry a full plan on your motorcycle but are not riding it for a long time, you can request to raise your deductibles and lower your limits of liability on a short-term basis. The chance of a loss while you are not riding the bike is low, which helps make the risk low for you to ever have to pay a deductible.

When you raise your deductibles and lower your limits of liability, your cost to insure your bike will go down. That can help you to get the cheapest motorcycle insurance possible. You should make a note to switch your coverage back once it is time to ride again, or you could leave yourself open to paying a huge deductible if you have a loss.

Canceling Your Motorcycle Policy

One more option is to cancel your policy over the winter months. This plan is only smart if you ride your bike with only a liability plan. If you don't worry about keeping your bike safe against damage while you are riding, then you probably won't worry about it while it's stored. For most bike owners, this may not be the case, because they have a lot of money put into their bike or still owe money on it.

There’s still a slight chance of needing a liability plan even while your bike is parked. For instance, if your bike falls on a person, liability coverage would pay for an injury that could occur. If you do decide to cancel your policy, be sure to have your bike in a secure place at all times.

Bike insurance is a vital part of being a bike owner. Taking coverage on and off your bike could create a risk of not having the proper coverage in place when it is needed. Always check to make sure your changes are correct by looking at your declarations page. Be sure to add coverage back on before you go for a ride.

When you put your bike away for the winter, do not forget about your insurance plan. A bike storage plan is a great way to cut costs and still protect your prized possession. If your carrier does not offer a storage plan, that might not be a bad thing. You have other options, such as getting a cheaper plan or canceling it until you start riding your bike again.

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