No Joke, Chipotle Offers Burritos and Bitcoin on April 1

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Burritos and bitcoin were what Chipotle Mexican Grill was serving up on National Burrito Day April 1. And no, it wasn't an April Fool’s joke.

The fast-food chain teamed up with software developer Stefan Thomas to give away $100,000 in free burritos and $100,000 in bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency. Thomas, whose company Coil develops software that helps companies monetize their web presence, made headlines earlier this year when he lost the login information for a bitcoin fortune worth about $220 million at the time. That fortune would be worth about $387 million now.

“Chipotle is encouraging fans to carry out a mock ‘chiptocurrency’ rescue mission and crack the code on its digital wallet,” the company said in a release.

The game, available on Chipotle’s website just on April 1, gave players 10 chances to guess a six-digit code to win a free burrito or up to $25,000 in bitcoin. If players failed to open the digital wallet, they would still have a chance to win something. While 10,000 fans would win a burrito, 50 would win $500 in bitcoin, and three would score $25,000 in bitcoin.

One bitcoin was worth more than $58,900 on April 1, off its record high of $61,556.59 reached on March 13. By contrast, a Chipotle burrito runs between $8 and $9.50, depending on restaurant location and filling.

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