Sharre Brooks

Sharre A Brooks

Expertise: Financial Planning, Investing, Personal Finance, Retirement, Trading
Education: University of Arkansas School of Law, Trinity College


  • Member of The Balance's Financial Review Board
  • Attorney, FINRA Arbitrator, and professor
  • Sharre has multi-industry experience including: healthcare, academia, government, and digital strategy companies


Sharre A. Brooks is the Director of Operations for an award winning digital strategy agency. In that role, Sharre is responsible for: overseeing the recruiting, hiring, and on-boarding processes; managing contractor, vendor contracts, and service provider; managing all health care, retirement, and other benefit programs and multi state taxation compliance. Sharre is an attorney, senior certified human resources professional, educator, and certified FINRA arbitrator. Sharre has multi-industry experience including: healthcare, academia, government, and digital marketing companies. For more than 10 years, Sharre has worked on many aspects of human resources and employment law including: negotiating union labor contracts, designing health insurance plans, responding to litigation and government audits, and managing mergers & acquisitions to ensure that employees in acquired companies do not lose seniority, pay, or benefits. Sharre has been an adjunct instructor in undergraduate, MPA, and MBA programs at Georgetown University, Bowie State University, and Webster University.

Sharre is also a FINRA arbitrator; an independent hearing officer who makes final, binding decisions in securities related disputes. FINRA is a division of the SEC which enforces federal securities laws and regulates brokerage firms doing business with the public.

Sharre is committed to ensuring employees understand and maximize their workplace benefits. As an educator, she also is an advocate for investor education to help retail investors make informed decisions about potential investments and investment professionals.

"Know what you own, and know why you own it." — Peter Lynch


Sharre received a B.A. in Public Policy & Law with a concentration in Human Rights & International Relations from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Sharre was a Trinity Scholar and was awarded a Human Rights Fellowship for her work with refugees. Sharre received a J.D. from the University of Arkansas School of Law. She was on the Dean's List and was an inaugural recipient of the Pro Bono Award for her work on international adoptions. Although her studies focused on international rights, Sharre's career has focused on the rights of employees and investors, domestically.

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