How to Resign From a Temporary Job

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Do you need to quit a temporary job? There are many reasons why a temporary work position in a company may have been the ideal fit for you. Accepting a temp job enables you to gain experience in a particular field, learn more about a career that interests you, gain experience to add to your resume, or put you first in line for a permanent opening in the company. 

Businesses can also benefit from having temporary workers. They may need to fill a spot quickly if they experience an unexpected loss of an employee, or need more employees during busier seasons. Some employers hire on a temporary basis with the option of making temp or contract workers permanent employees in the future.

However, you may decide it's time to move on. The job, even though it's temporary, might not be a good fit, or you may have secured permanent employment.

What's the best way to handle it when you're ready to resign? Here's information on the best way to quit if you need to move on sooner than you expected, with an example of a resignation letter for a temporary or contract position.

Tips for Quitting a Temporary Job

Before you decide to resign, you should have an idea of how long your position will be needed, especially if you sign a contract or agreement before starting. Some temporary positions have a clear beginning and end date, but you may find you need to resign from the job early. 

This scenario can come about if you are looking for a permanent position somewhere else, with the plan to resign from the temporary job once you secure a permanent position. Make it clear to your future employer when you can commit yourself to start.


If you signed a contract, be sure to give the proper notice stated in your contract or discuss options for ending the contract early with your employer. Your contract is mostly likely legally binding, unless the employer agrees to an early termination of the agreement.

How Long Should You Stay?

It is important to remember that, as the name says, the job is temporary, and you should not feel obligated to stay if you are offered a new job somewhere else or if it isn’t the right fit for you. If you follow the guidelines of your contract, you can gracefully give notice and move on to your next opportunity. 

Contract vs. Temp Workers

If you are a contractual worker, it is your responsibility to know what is expected of you when it comes to resigning. If you work for a temp agency, there may be more flexibility in the guidelines on how to excuse yourself from the position. No matter what the situation, you want to be sure to conduct yourself in a professional manner, especially if you used or plan to use your temporary employer as a reference.

What to Include in the Resignation Letter

Every scenario is unique when it comes to temp work. Many different factors play into both why you took a temporary job and why the company was looking for temp employees. Whatever the situation is, always conduct yourself in a professional way.

Treat the resignation as you would if the job were permanent. Prepare a respectful resignation letter or email thanking them for the opportunity to work with them and stating when your last day will be.

You can also include why you are not able to complete the temporary job assignment, but you do not have to. It can be awkward if you are leaving for negative reasons. Regardless of the reason, be respectful and professional.

Temporary Job Resignation Letter Sample

Use this resignation letter sample to formally notify an organization where you have been temping that you are submitting your resignation and will not be completing the assignment. In some cases, you can email a letter, especially if you are working remotely from home or another office.

Temporary Job Resignation Letter Sample

Subject: Your Name - Resignation

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I have enjoyed working at ABC Manufacturing. However, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to complete this temporary assignment. I have secured a full-time permanent position. My last day of work will be August 20, 2021.

I appreciate the opportunities you have provided me during my time with the company.


Your Typed Name

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